Wiper candidate Wavinya Ndeti disqualified from the Machakos Governor Race

[ATTACH=full]104429[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]104429[/ATTACH] Muthama and Mutua are smiling pahali wako killing two birds na one stone wanasheria what are the consequences of such ruling can Wiper still field Kiala kama option B ama ni walkover for Mutua aka Mtu wa sinema

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^^^ ama ni hekaya


Anaitwa Kavaluku sikuhizi.

Hii story si hekaya. Nimeona Citizen wameipost facebook

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Hata ka-link tunaweza crick juu ya hio niceness.

Ntv basi wako nyuma,news za saa sijaona hio story.


Now the opposition civil wars in Ukambani go full scale. Watermelon did the unthinkable, he broke his own party wiper to pieces because of a series of several disagreements with its party leaders and they all left acrimoniously. Now he remains with a shell of a party with officials from outside Ukambani. No wonder the naswa rally in Machakos was poorly attended and a failure. They tried doctoring old Uhuru park pics using paid editors at crooked media but that also backfired. Now things are thick.

In the next 60 days they have to contend with a maendeleo chap chap wave buoyed by Gov. Mutua transformation of Machakos, Jubilee’s wave of development projects, the message of hope rather than opposition division, insults and rigged nominations.


Where did we go wrong as a country, why is the government on a WITCH hunt:D:D:D:D:D:D… Mass action ni lazima


But I always thought Kalonzo is a lawyer, Omar Hassan is another and even if it isn’t them, Wiper party must have lawyers.
Did they ever sit and think about the consequences of nominating someone from another party.
At times you can’t understand these politicians.


Saa hii labda tu UhuRuto call to Gov. Mutua will go through. He is on cloud nine literary. Kwake the party has started…
Meanwhile this is Trans Nzoia county in today’s Jubilee campaigns. UhuRuto are rock stars. The security teams have a hard time keeping the supporters hands at bay. Men ata RV or Central aikuwangi hivi. This western campaigns have been a huge success.


Wait for a press conference where Jubilee is to be blamed


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[SIZE=6]IEBC deals a blow to Wavinya Ndeti and Wiper party[/SIZE]
Thursday June 8 2017

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The electoral commission has quashed the nomination of Wavinya Ndeti to vie for Machakos governorship on Wiper party ticket.

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission Disputes Resolution Tribunal on Thursday struck out Ms Ndeti’s nomination after finding that she is a member of two parties at the same time— Wiper Democratic Movement and Chama Cha Uzalendo (CCU).

The cancellation followed a petition filed by a voter, Mr Kyalo Peter Kyuli, who is also a Member of the Machakos County Assembly.

Mr Kyuli had asked the tribunal to nullify Ms Ndeti’s nomination and revoke the certificate awarded to her by Wiper.



When the courts rule against government, they are free and independent. When they rule in favour of government, wamelipwo. Hii tunajua. Meanwhile even Jubilee is too busy having a series of huge rallies in western to care what opposition is up to.
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Today I noticed the media were trying to downplay the impact of Jubilee’s foray in Nyanza and Western.
They loudly relegated the stories to the inside pages but very few people are swayed by newspaper coverage anyway. It’s just a feel good factor.


Hii ni hujumaa

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Mutua tano tena.



Mr Kyalo Peter Kyuli apewe a slice of the Eurobondi pie.