Wines and spirits Business

Unless you are running the business yourself, don’t set up this business because those you’ll employ to run it will loot it properly. No matter how strict you are, or how you follow up with the calculations, you’ll still lose it. During the Covid period, local media reported that many people had opened this type of business but now, many have shut them down.

Well, we have some success stories but many wines and spirits businesses are struggling because Kenyans themselves don’t have purchasing power.


Which is which?

You expect to get rich from a business that anyone with two brain cells can set up? FIKIRIA

@administrator watu wamekataa kuchangia huu mjadala :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Kuna siku nilikuwa natafuta decent place ya kula jioni…that place had more wine and spirits locations than eatery places. Kenya tunaelekea wapi jameni

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1000 way to die hii ni moja yao

Very few businesses are unique. People make money in cookie cutter businesses everyday. Success depends on other factors not just the type of business.

What’s special about a biz kama hotel na yet unaweza fungua uomoke na wengine wafungue wachomeke? Clearly there are other determinants of success you can’t just discredit a business juu ni common.