I understand that the rumored windows 12 will run on the linux kernel and will be 3x faster than windows 10… So basically it will be linux with a windows 10 skin…

Windows 10 has had very shitty upgrades. I think the most stable windows 10 was version 1809… Hizi ma 1903+ ni chiethh…

finally …hii umeffi ya sijui 8gb updates niumeffi

This is just that…a rumour. NOT TRUE

Ok till then acha nibaki na version 1809…

Windows 7 forever

hii support yake ilisha 14 jan. utaitumia hadi lini ?

Its now the new vista… Ata very soon itakuwa free… It also doesnt support UEFI i guess

I thought that there’ll be no more versions after Windows 10 only updates

My search function on the latest w10 update no longer works,they better give us a stable solution

Ndio maana nilisema “rumors”
Thank me

wasee mtafute tu version 1803 ama 1709. Then disable automatic updates via the Group Policy Editor… They are satisfactorily stable, especially with pirate games.:D:D

Huyo mtu wa windows seven forever does not know what he is missing. The higher your version of windows the better it is. There is no such thing like unstable. The problem is that you guys want to installed the latest version of windows on old computers. The results is just hanging, get a serious HP laptop na muache mchezo. I am using windows 1909 on my HP notebook 15 8gb ram intel core 15 8th gen na sijawahi ona iki hang ama iko unstable. To the person who asked first. windows cannot work with linux, linux and windows are incompatible on so many levels. Windows 10 is constanly being udated with more and more versions. I do not think that windows 12 is coming any time soon. There is nothing more that can be added to windows that is going to ake the so rumored 12 to be better and unique than its predecessors.

Windows 1909 is the best ever. Serving me great. If you have installed it in an IBM 1960 rig… Pole. It wont work well