Windows 11

Today is the release date. I will be upgrading as soon as it is released.

Mimi nakaa tu Windows 10

So many processors are not supported. They have become like apple. Lazima ukuwe na machine latest

i think there is a FIX on that already …

No need. Windows 10 iko tu shwari.

Downloaded today. By tomorrow I’ll have installed. Office 2021 is also out.

Wapi @Nyamgondho atuambie venye atakuwa anastream live the release? mtu makende ya nyani sana, vitu tudogo makes him feel important. Personally I use Mac so I don’t give a sh!t


I’ll be soon testing if I can stream Windows as a whole. No need to install anything at all. You just need fast internet and a screen/ monitor. Lakini this will be temporary. I am luke warm about Windows11 but I might install it on a VM. I like W10…sina haraka yenye nilikuwa nayo when I was switching from Vista.

I switched to office 365 with genuine subscription from Microsoft a while ago and it comes with 1tb storage space and a little more perks for professionals. I am a heavy user of Microsoft onenote and I couldn’t get it to work optimally on the fake subscriptions.

I will switch to 11 once they enable android apps. Kwa sasa itaingia kwa VM.

You’re over compensating!

How? Is it evidence you need?

Just say it. And before you log out from this session to sleep you will have it. I can even post my 365 subscription if you are doubting. Sema tu unashuku.


I am a disappointed man. Ati my current laptop does not support Windows 11…siamini hio story[ATTACH=full]390303[/ATTACH]

Move to Linux mint cinnamon

Peasantry problems

How much?