Windows 10


It’s launching tomorrow. I know it has bugs nyingi sana at the moment. MS says the update will take place in waves, haitakuwa instant for all Win7and Win8. Inaweza fikia wengine in weeks for example. Testers/developers will receive the update first.
Mimi nitangoja like two months nione vyenye watu watasumbuana nayo, drivers compatibility issues…Did anyone try the preview versions?

sina mbio pia

as long as it doesnt affect my xvideos mimi niko poa



bado niko Windows 7. Sikupenda Windows 8, hii pia nitangoja nione kama iko sawa.


:D:D:D:D:D:D. Even the atheist would wish Jesus on you!

Am still on and will continue being on XP.

In download 76% and am guessing if u upgrade from win8 haitakua na shida sana na drivers compatibility


Niko na kadesktop kengine bado kana XP, zile hp models za 2004, 40GB hdd. That one siwezi update, but for laptop lazima niupdate after about 2 months.

@danji1 I was frantically looking for a link on some articles I’ve come across on Gawker’s sister sites before … I thought Windows 10 was already out and in circulation … They usually cross-share content which means that this stuff shows up on Gawker even if I’m not Gizmodo user/visitor.

All articles from the geek-friendly sister site which date back to 7/02/2015

Nisaidiwe link ya kudownload hii windows 10 Pro tafadhali, sina kakitu leo.

@tm wa klist go to that link and check through the posts. I think you’ll find something there :slight_smile:

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I was also under the impression that it has been available for ages.
I dont know the first thing about computers and being on Windows 8 i have been getting the Upgrade offers for more than 2 months and keep deffering them.

Honestly, I haven’t gotten any offers and I’m one of those people who barely bother with upgrades until “someone” takes my electronic gadgets and does my upgrades plus installation of new apps every so often.

Its just that the one website which I check daily ( without fail usually gives me a roundup of whatever new stuff is outchea :slight_smile: I know that with its recent scandals/issues, Gawker isn’t that much better than TMZ or any other random Internet tabloid but it keeps me pretty up to date on almost everything.

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My Win7 laptop gave me a notification on the tray that Win10 is available a month ago. Nikaclick. It has been downloading ever since. Not sure if there’s a direct link to download it.

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Y’all are talking about the technical previews and consumer previews, or guide to booking the Win10 update. You can book an update so it downloads automatically when it gets to your PCs. Tomorrow the final version (Retail version and updates) will be launched, officially. Check youtube for videos on how it’s like.

Like I said, I’m just a lurker on there. Thought you’d find the posts interesting

Aki ya nani si manoobs wako wengi kwa hii post

@danji windows preview ndio inakuwanga ya testers na developers. Thats why huitwa developers preview.
@aviator nope it wasn’t downloading. You just booked it for installation

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