Windows 10 Updates

I thought support for windows 10 ended?.. hehehe fanya hivi wekelea automatic updates and let it update until they get finished. - end of support. Choose updates for a time you are not on the machine and let it update as you do other things…

You should install windows and then upgrade it to 22h2(latest version).

But ukitaka kutumia windows 7 safely do this

  1. Have an antivirus(avast+malwarebyte pamoja).
  2. Activate firewall. only allow apps through the firewall that ypu trust.
  3. Do not download anything not from a legit website. if they have md5 confirm it( familiarise yourself with this)
  4. Avoid any weird site that you do not trust.

But if it was me I’d better using it without ever accessing the internet, maybe as media device for playing movies, listening to music, typing documents,excel, offline games but nothing that requires internet access

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Thanks elder. I will update to windows 10.

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