Windows 10 Updates

How can I disable Windows updates completely?
I have been trying to disable the updates lakini they find a way of coming back and I find it annoying since they slow down my laptop. I have even disabled the updates manually from the registry lakini wapi. What can I do to do away with the updates?

Buy a new powerful laptop. It seems you are using a very old laptop kama updates inafanaya i lag. Nothing less that an 8th gen intel processor or a 3rd gen ryzen processor


Tupa hiyo is ending updates for windows 10, and you need an 8th gen processor to install windows 11

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Kuja nikuuzie laptop fiti bro

Recommend one for a high school soon uni student. Na bei isiwe mbaya sana mdau. Hizi refurb zinauzwa tao

Buy The Infinix Inbook X2. It has the most future-proofed specs right now at the best price point

Comes at the most inopportune time very irritating

Niko windows 7


Roughly how much?


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Vuka uje upande wa Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, SuSE) where you are in control of every aspect of the OS. And yes, what Windows can do, Linux does better at a fraction of the cost.

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Just like me kwanza custom one

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Tafuta program inaitwa Simplewall it blocks all network connections. You can choose the program that you want to access the web

Pitia hapo github and utapata code ya kudisable windows updates parmanently.

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You ca format your machine using Tiny 10 or Tiny 11.
They are striped down versions of Windows without bloatware and other useless features and programs that hog internet and slow down your machine.

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Make google your friend.

I use wub v1.8 to stop updates in clients desktops download here

Windows 7 all day, everyday.

Just don’t point it at the internet, all my clients who bring their computers to me for cleaning wanakuanga na windows 7, putting internet in windows 7 is asking for trouble within minutes viruses, worms and exploits like eternal blue will ravage your system like mandingo on a skinny bitch.


How is windows 10? I have it am just too lazy to install?