Hey talkers,am I the only one experiencing the highest levels of unstability in windows 10 pro or is it universal.I have installed all drivers,updates, but still it lags and at times doesn’t respond to commands…Any help please???

Yaah its very unstable.So many security patches every now and then.

Your hardware is letting you down. Please upgrade


I find it quite stable and fast.

I find it very stable. Way better than the problematic windows 8.

Seems you turned off windows update.

Mine has been missing some updates so ime kua slow na unstable sana… I haven’t been getting reliable internet that is why i have failed to update

its the most stable os ever. unless you are using a neolithic computer. install windows xp utulie SV

Have you checked which programs are on startup? Try to disable some start programs like adobe

Sisi wa windows 7 tunawaangalia from far. Cant relate

Unataka p4 na ram ya 2gb iamushe windows 10?:rolleyes:

But you got Faiba the other day?

You cant turn off updates in windows 10.

boss… you must be an amateur in this if you cant

Having the same problem lately, initially it was fine.

Hehehe tumia google kasee. Mine is completely off. I download updates when i WANT

I used to complain about win10 but I now love it after getting a “proper” laptop. It needs a conducive environment, processor speed wise, so if you are using aged hardware, potelea mbali.

My only complaint is the auto updates.

2GB RAM too small for windows 10 man

Recent updates are causing the problems. You might want to turn off automatic update until stable releases hit the streets.