Windows 10: PITA

If you are on version 1703 then you must know how much Windows has been nagging users to update itself. Even disabling the BITS and Windows Update no longer work. They just enable themselves back. WTF?

Microsoft Admits It Incorrectly Upgraded Some Windows 10 Users to v1709

It gets to a point Windows says “Fvck you. You can no longer defer this”, then goes ahead and downloads 5GB and updates itself then starts nagging about a restart.


I have never seen an OS that aggressively pushes for updates as Win 10 does. There goes five hours of my life I won’t ever get back.

Yaani you mean you spent 5 hours just to download 5 GB kwani "what internet do you use" (read in mbugua’s voice)

hehe. windows 10 spends most time talking to microsoft behind the scenes. i remove it from any computer i acquire. Windows 7 is the last windows version. sasa nikitembea na computer mashinani na hakuna fibre inabidi nichill tu? hapana.
siwes. MS watulize ball.

Not the download. The upgrade process. An upgrade from 1703 to 1709 takes almost half a day.

It’s ridiculous how aggressive they are about upgrade. There is an annoying overlay that covers the screen every ten minutes until you give in. It even upgrades drivers without warning… fvcks shit up.

I wanna to go back to 8.1. Problem is installing software afterwards.

Mimi nilidisable windows update the momment nliupdate two times in a row…


This is what happens when you disable updates. Once it has that upgrade assistant app it doesn’t matter. It will reconfigure the update and enable all sorts of things by itself.
It will pop up an overlay every often and will eventually give no option to postpone the update and start the download. What I do is kill the network and kill the app in task manager. 10 mins later it’s back.

Am still stuck on windows 7. When I acquire a new laptop I will go Ubuntu.

Hehee windows 7 sitoki…by the way this new latops that come with windows 10 mtu anaweza toa arudishe 7 ama you are stuck with 10

Problem is some laptops only have drivers for 64bit Windows 10. I have a Dell laptop that the lowest I can go is Windows 8. Anything lower than that and you won’t find wifi and USB 3 drivers.

Kwanini isitoke ?

Hizo ma restrictions za manufacturers ,unatupilia hiyo make mbali and show them a middle finger