Windows 10 1809 update

Nani ameupdate to the latest October update? Does it have any bugs or any performance issues? Kwa sababu windows seems to mess up everytime and fixes later with update patches @Deorro umeupdate to this? Sitaki kueka nipate any issues especially na performance…


One Windows 8.1 update once fucked me so bad, siku hizi mimi hutulia for a week hivinnione reviews then update

Uzuri unaeza roll back to previous windows version… Wacha ntaupdate leo nione matokeo

Rollback si shida, shida huwa time you are working on a critical doc where huna time. Unatupa comp, grab another and be done ndio urudi utengeneze

Hapana tambua windows

unatambua nini Mojave

OSX na Linux Mint na CentOS.



pengine weekend, still got a lot of work to do an upgrade

Can you confirm or deny this Windows 10 October Update Is Having Big Problems (Update) | Laptop Mag

cpu usage yes confirmed inaonyesha 80% but later inachange to 15% hio ya kuloose files nope… drivers some i had to reinstall… Anyway mi nishaclean windows old so no rolling back ntangoja tu patch updates

I did a Clean installation of windows 1809 na sisumbui

Immediately after the update, system gets slow but then recovers. This happened on two separate machines.

I use Google Drive to backup stuff online, after the update, got an error message that the folder path “Documents” could not be located as it does not exist or could have been moved. Well, checked and the folder is still available.
The update takes about an hour to two depending on your machine. Patience and planning needed.

Something else. Explorer is now on dark mode.


Dark mode ni we unajiekea… Anyway nangoja update Tuesday… So long as haijaniharibia gaming performance I’m well and good

here comes a caution for those who haven’t upgraded yet

If you have the latest macbook you are screwed if you want to upgrade or repair the hardware. Apple wameamua to brick your device if you do not use apple certified technician.

And MS stopped the upgrade

After i have upgraded:D:D:D

kuna watu files zao zilihepa, i think they are fixing that