Winding up a hot Wednesday

Does Ladies’ night still exist?
I am winding up with slow music , just right for this weather. I am longing for a cold ,cold Heineken.

My old favorite.A few elders can relate.

and for @Meria Mata.

By 7 will be there, as you take Heineken i take tusker, 28 hrs on the road is no joke

hahaha…pole, I feel you.
I cant take alcohol…lent manenoz. Wacha niendelee na my oldies. See you later.

Lazima nijishukuru, have survived another ordeal on the A109 and its payday

Hii itausaidia kutowa pressure…

[SPOILER=“Si uwongo this got me”]I found myself chocking on coffee the first time when it finally clicked

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D crap! I will never look at Homer’s mouth the same way again.Damn it!
Thanks…Here’s my fave Victoria.

Na sasa umechange tempo ya my night. Curse you.:stuck_out_tongue:

Am listening to Sundowner!

Meanwhile any man who can go this high lazima akuwe amefinywa balls…

pia hii si mbaya saaana

I love sade “by your side” add that too

Home sweet home.

huu mse huwa na shida like he could say booty drop but he says and titles the track boongie … hufeel ni kama kungoa kila saa

Beautiful…sande sana. This takes me waaay back.


I swear i thought ni bootie pia… ama ni Mmeru?..TF is boongie?
But the beat is dope. Got me dropping mah boongie.

Wacha nikusindikize kidogo…moral support while on your fast.:wink:

Lo ati umeru? its a form of patwa ya guyana(love that place rem seeing a fat boongie from their in our campus huku…dame alikuwa anafanya everyone insecure and use to do hand ball…akivaa shorts kila melanin illikuwa inafurahia)

this just played from my collection while driving in this fucking cold -13C na kuna jua God damn

theve views of such good music breaks my heart …

Sade :):slight_smile:

You have upped the heat a notch.