Has this thing that was used by cyber cafe’s back then become outdated?
I am doing some research on the companies that offer it and I am just meeting websites with long boring paragraphs on sijui enterprise infrastructure blah blah blah other than than the normal click, click, get prices, compare prices and done.

Access Kenya, Hai wireless

They rebranded… I can’t remember their new brand but walinisinya sana when I wanted internet installed at my home… Achana nao, services zao ziko chini sana.

Iyo kitu ilipitwa na wakati.Ilikuwa inapoteza net sana

bado iko safaricom wanapeana although expensive and low speed

WiMAX is is WiFi on steroids. It’s a very good substitute to wired internet. What might make the internet slow is if there are too many access points connected to one base station. It has a working range of up to 30 kilometres thus the operator may tend to overload it under the guise of cost cutting.
It is a bit pricey compared to other wireless technologies out there but it’s worth it.

chukua fibre msee

Mtu kama mimi am in southern coast mpaka wa Kenya na Tanzania huku nimejaribu ku tafuta ISP kama Access Kenya ikiwa mmoja yao But hawana services ispokua safaricom na Telkom, safaricom nilizungumza nao wakaniambia wako na Wimax but kuuliza bei wananiambia mambo na 70k home internet hio, ilibidi nikate simu. Then Telkom nikaenda kwa ofisi zao wakaniambia ninunue line yenye wanaiita sijui Home plan kisha nitumie modem that is 3.999ksh monthly. Faiba haijafika wala zuku Faiba.