Willy possessed loses millions due to Diana scandal

If you are making money by being in the limelight, limit your words. This whole problem started with Willy Paul making fun of Diana’s song and saying Bahati is buying her views on YouTube. I don’t doubt that Willy is a rapist bcz women don’t like his personality, looks and he doesn’t have as much money as he tries to portray, so to get women he has to resort to vayolence. Ms. P already exposed him and several others. What happened between Diana and him would have never seen the light of day if he had just ignored the issue of Diana’s song. Instead he went as far as to do a diss track insinuating that Bahati should do DNA test for his kids. Was all this necessary? Please wanaume control your emotions. An African man does not comment about everything unless it’s your job like Kibe. You can see how Khali graph and Octopizzo even Samidoh handled their personal issues. Lakini Luhya men kunyamaza ni ngumu but just try your best.


I’ve lost a deal worth 10m from a telecommunication company. 4m from a mattress company, And an international recording and distribution deal worth 82m." - Willy Paul in tears


Is Wilson Ouma a Luhya or Luo? Watu wa Meru can never tell the difference. So we understand. Na hiyo deal ya 82m is very interesting. For a record company to give you 82m, you have to sell records worth 250m. If this guy has balls, he should put her to court for defamation. Then huyo dame atajua ajui. That’s how Ruto has silences his biggest critics. They face significant financial damages is they make allegations they can’t prove. I have never seen a rape victim come on TV to give step by step account of being raped, without reporting to police to press charges first. I want to give her benefit but people have been known to put lemons in their eyes to cry.

First of all Willy Paul is not Luhya but he is a Luo. Second of all these fuckers are chasing clout seriously. Niliona breakdown ati Willy Paul has lost 96M in endorsements and deals nikacheka tu.

What defamation yet boda guy is saying her clothes were torn? Isn’t it Willy Paul diss track defaming Diana and her family. This guy is about to regret heavily. I know Diana has dms from women willy Paul raped. He should have just kept his mouth shut.

Our girl @TrumanCapote believes that boy is worth that much:D:D

@Simiyu22 Luos and luhyas inter-marry and it is very common to find an Ouma(tradionally a Luo Name) who is a luhya becuase he was named after his grandpa (say from the mum’s side) who is a luo…Tuko pamoja?

Who knows what happened but Why didn’t she report then and get a ob and P3? Diss track is not necessarily defamation. I can diss someone and say they are stupid, that’s not defamation. But if I call Ruto a thief and he takes me to court because I have no proof, I will have a long year. You can even spend time in jail for that like Tony Gachoka.
In the long run little will happen.

Nazijua hizi.

It just looks like a made up story between both of them to make headlines. Next week it will be Bahati.

Chasing clout. Ojingaism is a curse

Hii ni clout chasing excess. Huyu atapewa blacklist akose shows for one year

Next Willy Paul atatuambia vile alifaa kuwa kwa marvel movie deal ikaingia maji juu ya Diana.:smiley: