Willy Mutunga amesema mass action iendelee, that Kenyans need change


I agree

Mass action or not, RWNEEEEBP.

Senior welder knows he is heading nowhere.

Desperation has set in.

Wearing a perennial loser hat for an entire lifetime ain’t easy.

Kalonzo the 7th.

It’s not about RAO becoming President, The Political push we had in the early 90’s gave us lots of changes in our politics , and the Icons behind it never became President.
Jaramogi , Matiba, Marilo, Shikuku, Kapteni, Kijana Wamalwa, Rubia, Koigi, imanyara, Kiraitu, Orengo, RAO Wangare Mathaai, Mutunga, Makau Mutua, Bishop Muge, Bishop Gitare, Bishop Njoya, Kipruto arap Kirwa …
We pretty enjoy the political space we have today, courtesy of these and many other that lost their lives, fighting for this space we enjoy today.
If there will be mass action in the very near future, trust me , we will eventually end up with a better Kenya.

Alternative political leadership? :D:D:D
Wacha nichekee hapa chini.





It’s definitely past this…this so called leaders have been told many times… the fight between the thieving rich and the poor ndio itakuwa next lakini mpaka wa leo hawaamini…we are headed their and it won’t be funny… I remember @ChifuMbitika saying ati anaonanga peasants waki mwangalia akiwa ndani ya gari yake anaona wanajiambia nigonge unilipe…he was not wrong unless you are living in a bubble…uprising is on the horizon

Katambe kutamba

Mko na jokes sana… mtu ashindwe mara tano na kila time mass action. Sometimes I think it’s a blessing in disguise the guy will never make it to power… this style of politics is destructive.

What reforms will come out of it ?

None. Raila lost last year coz Uhunye alimtoka at the last moment. Inauma but itabidi tu mmezoea.

Let’s wait n see.

I’ve voted for Raila 3 times (except last year) and he lost all of them. I’ve seen enough. Mkule tear gas pekee yenu… mi siko.

As long as ratWNEBP am good