Willie Kimanis Killer by John Allan Namu




Hakuna crime itawashinda police wakiamua. Phone calls and cigarettes smoked gave the killers away

They only way to deal na D- is to act from point of weakness. Never argue with them ati I know my rights.Nyenyekea akiomba afande msamaha. Afisa nisamehe tafasali sitarudia. Tafadhali nisaidie tu pliz. Ukimpea punch una mwomba akupee mia ya fare ya kwenda kamulu. Ofisa hapa atakuongea hadi 20 bob ya jungu karanga kwa mat.

Very bad advice.
Never nyenyekea to a D-

When they get you, their first order of business is to gauge how important you are.
Wakikupima waone wanaeza kumaliza na wakutupe kwa kichaka na hakuna mtu ata-notice umepotea, your goose is cooked.

The best way to deal with D- is to be an important person and know his bosses in higher ranks.

If they put you in a corner, you just make one phonecall to their senior ranks and you put the phone on speaker. Hapo D- ananyekea mpaka anaomba msamaha.

It doesn’t have to be another senior officer, even a judge, magistrate or a senior government official that you’re close with will do.

If those D- only killed the taxi driver and that other guy, they would still be walking. But the minute they killed a wakili, it was game over for them.

Why are you always high on cheap drugs?

In his defence he is a kumbaffu, @Wanaruona advice elders accordingly na mskize ngoma ya Mejja…ogopa watu watatu!

When dealing with D- the most important thing is to stay calm and composed. Keep your cool no matter how outrageous the situation … while quickly assessing your options and respond accordingly. Never showing weakness or appearing arrogant. It fucking unnerves them. Exploit that moment of doubt n uncertainty in their part… to suit you, define the terms. They D- they’re technically daft. Pay them on ur terms or force a negotiation if it suits you. Or stand your ground… the choice is yours. Either way you walk.

It depends with the situation. Ukiact na a point of weakness they will take adavantage of you na wakamue wewe sawa sawa. Dont also be arrogant. Karau akiona uko arrogant atataka kutumia his power to make sure you face the music. Vile @Gaza amesema exploit the opportunity at hand to suit you.

A family friend son was arrested with a fake gun. Kama sio boy kunyenyekea na being first time offender. Boy angepigwa risasi. Mamake kwenda kumtoa kwa OCS buru. OCS aliambia huyo mama endelea kuomba huyo Mungu. Una omba. Kijana angepigwa risasi. Boy ako Industrial area mamake alisema kwanza akae remand ajuwe kuishi na raia.

:D:D:D Don’t be naive me Kimakia.
Ukishikwa na polisi ukileta vurugu after 9th August, nipigie simu nitakutoa ndani.

Not everyone in Kenya has the luxury of knowing the high and mighty in the police force.

If you don’t know people ,@Wanaruona 's advice is the best. Don’t run ,don’t argue just be humble. You can pretend you didn’t know whatever it is they claim you did is a crime or profusely apologize and gauge which D is the leader. Negotiate with that one.

Despite my queer ways,I have never been arrested.May be being stopped once in a while wakiangalia kama niko na insurance coz most people who drive the kind of vehicle I drive ni kama hawalipagi insurance.

I’m not talking about being arrested for a petty crime.

I’m talking about when you’re in a situation where your life is in danger because of a police officer. It could be anywhere.

One of the first things that a police officer will use to gauge you is ask “Unafanya kazi gani?” Even if you’re unemployed, pretend that you’re important.

Like @Gaza has said, be calm as possible and don’t show any weakness or arrogance.

Unless a police officer has done a background check on you, they’re usually uncertain about who you are (ama wewe ni mtoto wa nani).

Lakini ukijifanya peasant ama ukinyenyekea sana, they know they can kill you with no consequences.

Ukinyenyekea, you’re appealing to someone’s sympathy - which a psychopath D- doesn’t have.

Ile kitu nimeshika na I story ni kama sio Willie kimani kuandika note wakati walipelekwa Kwa iyo container it would be another story but fate had it’s on way note ikapatikana na mse wa boda…sad story sadder that the river apo ndonyo Bado unknown Bodies zinatolewa…sadder still what cops can get away with just coz of kirauni…to get to that place from Nairobi at those hours with bodies in the boot says how callous and dangerous rogue cops are…lakini njoki ni Mali safi and of all of them she looks more fucked up by this story…RIP to the three lost souls and may we learn to tread carefully in this shithole called Kenya coz dying is dying and people are willing to murder for the flimsiest reason… don’t mean to demean the quest for justice but somethings we should let slide

Universally, if you are stopped by a Karau, it is best to quickly recognize that at that moment he has the power. Unless you are obviously powerful and/or a public figure, do not argue. The words “I am sorry sana ofisa, sikujua” are music to most police officers. These words immediately assuage their ego and deescalate the situation. Sonko survived his public display of arrogance during his arrest because he was Sonko. You cannot take that angle as a common raia.

Huko mto Yala milli ya watu zaidi ya ishirini ilipatikana.

Nyuma kidogo mwaka wa 2020 wakati gavana Sonko walikuwa wanafanya usafi katika mto wa Nairobi miili ya watu wanane ilipatikana. Hivi ni kusema mito imekuwa sehemu ya kutupa miili ya waliouliwa. Mambo ya kusikitisha kweli.

Nice piece. One observation though, he didn’t exhaust why that Mwangi guy was acquitted. Hii kitu ingekuwa like an hour long each to give more detail.
Just like the manhunt series but in documentary form

ya Musando wanasema they are still investigating

Hio petty crime utawekewa bangi kwa mfuko. D- sio mtu ya kubishana na yeye.