William S. Ruto - The List of "Ruto this Ruto that"

Of late on different fora I’ve come across seeeeeeveral things William has done. Allegedly.

So far this is what I’ve heard

  1. William bought 680 hotel at 3b now he has destroyed Simmers because he wants more parking space
  2. William sold his jogoo Road flats to the police
  3. William leased/supplied cars to the ntsa
  4. William influenced the judges to kick out Keter and Co from Parliament and force a by-election
  5. William is about to do something with 200 acres of land (this I read today here)
  6. William is the one who burnt the Langata slum
  7. William is not really a Kale but a Mkisii since his parents came from Kisii
  8. William only wears red socks because red denotes danger and William is dangerous

I mean really… I’m not defending him from what is in the public domain but the rumours range from the strange to the bizarre.

What else has William done since his influence is now beyond that of the gods?

William Ruto does not shower, showers take William Ruto

What really amazes me is that you know two guys one is known to drink jug daniels even during working hours the other is a self confessed born again christian, this guys work together but when something goes wrong we blame the born again guy when thing are good we praise the drunkard.

William…Kiambaa…witnesses…naenda hivi nakam…

:D:D That no 8 though

But seriously kila kitu imerundikwa kwake. There’s a pic doings rounds on the net ya CS Lands with her son na inasemekana ni wake pia. Huyo mtoi ni wa Justice Kimaru. Ufisi kidogo kidogo na karoney akapata ball. Kuzaliwa the good jugde akapata mtoi kwa doorstep. But now things are looking up for the lad, aren’t they?

WSR epitomizes everything that is wrong in kenya. Na bado… :D:D

Let’s invite @Meria Mata, @gashwin, @Abba, @LeoK, @mabenda4 na finally @FieldMarshal CouchP watuambie what was said of Moi in the 80s and 90s

The one I rem. is that bidco stands for BIwot & Daniel Co.

This dog was a Labrador when I bought it.
William stunted it.

hata Mimi in mzae,walisema maziwa ya nyayo ilikuwa imewekwa dawa za family planning

Soon, if no now, he’ll be blamed for anything and everything under the sun

I couldn’t have said this better.

So what is this thread all about if you are not defending him?

Najaribu kulewa hii Sunday na hii baridi silewi… Kwani William amechukua EABL.

the way you blame mungikis,huwa nakuonea 18 my friend

:D:D:D:D William smokes weed

During Kivumbi 2017, NASArites campaigning in Central were like " Uhuru sio mbaya. Huyo ako naye ndiye mbaya"

William’s response when he visited there was epic.

William rented the bedsitter next to mine, I had to move out ili asigrab my girlfriend

I know people in govt who tell me about William Ruto’s escapades,this man is a greedy sociopath, i think he is well ordained to become president of Kenya, during his reign he will be a very good lesson to all Kenyans on why we need to avoid tribal politics

:D:DYou’re really looking for an angle eh… Keep looking my broda

OK let’s add to the list greedy sociopath to the list by some “known govt officials”.

This is what I’m talking about. Innuendo.

Hehehe. God permitting, I will wake up very early on a day in Aug 2022 and Make this guy my president. I owe him one term…after that I trust him to use incumbency for a third term. Btw, we are considering doing a Putin in 2022.