William Ruto's ship is sinking and nobody can rescue it ahead of August poll

Things are falling apart for the Kenya Kwanza Alliance under Deputy President William Ruto. The once overconfident and boisterous DP is now increasingly paranoid.

A few months ago, Ruto, like Amalinze the cat in Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, was bursting with confidence and looking forward to the next match. He brushed off any individual and discussion highlighting the shortcomings of the electoral commission. He shouted from the top of his cars: “Learn to accept election results and move on.”

He claimed that even if the IEBC was given to Oburu Odinga, the brother of his opponent Raila Odinga, he would still deliver a resounding victory. How? “Because I have God and the people on my side.”
But truth be told, when he was making these hubristic claims he was the most popular presidential candidate. However, he forgot a fundamental rule as advised by Robert Greene. That in victory, know when to stop. Greene notes in his masterpiece, The 48 Laws of Power, that there is nothing more intoxicating than victory.

Ruto became drunk on his own success. And the popularity meant to aid his walk to State House became his greatest undoing. Recently, Ruto has turned into a crybaby not only disheartened that his ‘toy’ has been taken away but also paranoid of the next actions.

In four years, Ruto has painted a picture, for the public, that the presidency is his for the taking come rain, come sunshine. So we understand his paranoia when the public mood now seems to suggest otherwise. Be that as it may, we hold the view that, for Ruto, the biggest challenge wouldn’t be losing the August polls but dealing with the reality of Mt Kenya betrayal.

Having supported one of their own, President Uhuru Kenyatta, in 2013 and 2017, Ruto expected a quid pro quo. Ruto was confident of at least 85 per cent support from the mountain. He cut down to size any leader from the region aspiring to ‘replace’ him as the Mutongoria — leader. But because politics is dynamic and people of the mountain are said to be best at it, Ruto must now be shuddering to imagine that the mountain has slipped away. Further, he is faced with voter apathy in Mt Kenya. This means other than sharing a sizable percentage of his votes with Raila, thanks to Martha Karua effect, he won’t inspire a heavy turnout.

Second, is the fact that majority of the youth will have less say in the August contest. [SIZE=6]A KPMG audit on the IEBC register of voters reveals that the youth, aged 18 – 34, make up only 39.84 per cent of voters although they constitute about 29 per cent of the population. @Electronics4u [/SIZE] This means Ruto failed to inspire more than five million youth to register as voters despite the fact that they form majority of his support base.

Third, Ruto has been increasingly paranoid about ability of the IEBC to deliver free and fair elections. This is uncharacteristic of the man who boasted people and God on his side.

Further, Ruto has painted Raila as a ‘project’ of the status quo notwithstanding the fact that he is in the status quo. One might be forgiven to claim Ruto developed a split personality since his relationship with President Kenyatta went south.

On one hand, Ruto claims he is the deputy president, but on the other, he claims he was kicked out of government through the handshake. On one hand, he claims IEBC is incorruptible and that their win in 2013 and 2017 was not influenced, but on the other hand, he claims the State has an invisible hand in elections.

This paranoia has not only been directed towards the IEBC but also the media. Ruto has claimed that the media is biased and in ‘support’ of Raila’s candidature. The Media Council of Kenya has said indeed, Raila, between April and June, received 61.2 per cent coverage compared to Ruto who got 38.2 per cent coverage. The council has, however, not told Kenyans the percentages Ruto and Raila received in past four years.

Ruto is a creation of the media. The media gave life to his proposals by inviting discussions on effect of the then dynasty versus hustler narrative. And now that the media is equally interested in the Raila-Karua ticket, Ruto has become envious. This explains why the centre cannot hold for Ruto. This brings into mind the epic disaster that was titanic. A ship that, according to its captain Edward John Smith, ‘not even God could sink it’.



Ruto ilifika mahali he started to carelessly throw crazy figures around to woo the electorate.
Mara 100 billion ya vijana, in another campaign trail that figure went down to 50 billion na juzi akasema 1 million acres of land in Trans Nzoia to settle squatters…we are waiting for the next utterance

Rutos biggest mistake was when he became a threat to his boss, Muigai. Uhuru is still young by presidential standards and he still wants a future in politics as evidenced by the role he has in the Azimio alliance.

However, Ruto turned against his boss and tried to replace him. Kenyatta’s thinking was probably “if am in power now and Ruto is acting like this, what of when am out?”

If Ruto and Uhunye remained united, hii election ingekua yake. Thank God walisplit

Isn’t anyone coming up with explanations as to why he might win?

Ruto akishindwa uchaguzi ako na option ya kusupport dynasties, mfirwe miaka ingine mia moja na family ya Moi na Burning Spear. Amewapea chance, awakomboe, lakini hatawalazimisha, choice ni yenu.

Trans Nzoia covers an area of 2495.5 square kilometres. 1 million acres translates to 4046 square kilometres (1 acre = 0.00405 square kilometres)…huyu Arap mashamba ni muongo kuruka!

In Ruto’s eyes, his boss is not powerful at all, just another third generation heir relying on family’s resources. In his eyes, the deep state is just a plate of vegetables, when to have them for dinner completely depends on Arror’s mood. Whether it is Raila or Uhuru, in front of Arror, neither is too powerful.

Peasants tulieni, Baba Abby na mtu ya kitendawili are one and the same thing,they are both carnivores, Kenyans are fucked but baba Abby Ako na huruma kidogo ,mtu ya kitendawili will steal alot and quickly and secure his family wealth before he kicks the bucket ,hii jamaa ingine iko na time ya kuiba pole pole.

Kenyan’s economy is sinking and Raila is planning to plunge it further, ofcourse ojingaism cows only cares about Ruto losing the election

Man of Sugoi, Kalenjins come save your brother

Kenyans we keep doing the same shit expecting a different outcome. Wacha nijaribu bangi

The only problem until this moment is that MR. Ruto is still ahead by castable vote count. There’s a very funny account that he gave of what was happening during the 2002 vote tallying process wakiwa sijui pale statehouse with the Kanu bigwigs just before the announcement of the winner. That’s exactly what’s going to happen in 3 weeks if someone does not up his game. Everyone knows that if MR.Ruto gets that seat then it’s only the hand of God that can get him out before 10 years are over. Choose your president wisely. This is the only chance that Nyanza has kutoa president otherwise mtangoja hadi 10 years ziishe. Tell Baba to put in more effort and try to gain more ground ama ataonyeshwa vumbi hajawai ona in a few weeks.

Leo ni kama umepiga moja mbili, yes rasta?

Ruto has gone desperate he knows he is losing big time thats why unaona he is angry to an extent shouting at crowds. you can see instead of articulating issues he is trying to intimidate the Azimio fanatics to violence . here is a line anatumia

‘’ ambieni mzee wa kitendawili, mimi si Uhuru kumsalimia baada ya kura (meaning Uhuru is a sissy) , mimi si muoga kukubali ajiapishe ? raundi hii hakuna kujiapisha akijaribu ataona moto, raundi hii hakuna maandamano ‘’

to his base this is clear incitement , he pulled the same stunt on TV in 2007 during the vote counting. to the opponents base its intimidation. the fact that the security people cant see this is quiet perplexing .

Tupatane kwa debeWadau.

Few younger people registering means the voting patterns will not change.

Ethnicity is factor one.Kingpins is factor two.Rebellion is factor number three.

Ruto hopes to maximize on factor number 3 in the mountain.He wanted to replicate the same in western but its not working,he hopes kingpin factor will bring in some votes.Too bad,my drinking buddy told me madvds mca will be from MDG party.

Am happy baba tano.