William Ruto Vr Ann Waiguru : The fight continues. Where is Nattydread?




Why are they turning against Waiguru right now? Even that wariah alshabaab Duale and that mungich Moses Kuria have thrown tantrums at her.

WSR showing raw anger against Waiguru. Waiguru struck raw nerve. Tells Waiguru ’ give us a break’

@Nattydread @Meria Mata @bjurmann @Chifu

Ebu njooni mchambue hi kitendawili.


Wow , this is getting vicious. At this rate Waiguru will need the balls of steel to survive this on slaught.

they have now thrown the baby and the birth water… she was directing too much heat to the epicenter

Coz wamejua kikiumana they have more to lose than her!

Natty atasema Waiguru ni agent wa Raila :D:D Yule mwingine will find a way to blame the constitution.

M*****is having a rough time:D

she has refused to go silently, watu wameanza ku-panick

Niaje @Jakoyo
Wank to this

One person has been shot dead

The other day @Nattydread had a premature ejaculation following Waigurus 'sterling performance ’ before PAC.

The old adage, no honor amongst thieves, is totally apt here.






@Nattydread @Meria Mata @bjurmann @Mathias69 hawajafika hapa??

huyu @Meria Mata hulike kila kitu? Jamaa state where you belong

umesahau @mabenda4 @gashwin na @spear

MMNN is impartial,
Hio nimepost hapo juu nikusaidia jakeino na breaking news coz angezipata kesho saa tano and btw being on different sides of the divide does not mean we are enemies, our leaders dine and wine together in private na Sisi twaendelea kumeria Mata


see no evil hear no evil @Nattydread cannot be seen on this thread. the guy has probably blocked everyone on this site save for admin. Too daft to engage you in a conversation.

stale gif, go get another