William Ruto: The homophobic legacy of Kenya’s president-elect.

Knowing WSR, this is not the way to approach such issues. They should be praying that he upholds the status quo otherwise Ruto as a populist would pull one move on them and it would be done and dusted. I wish them well though. Beyond that, my support is basically useless.


Im with Jambas sugu from Sugoi on this one. Homosexuals should be lynched at the very first sighting.

Or locked up in a church…

Nakubaliana na Sugoiman hapa. Gay homosexuals kama @PHARMACY na @Demakuvu should be shot at sight.

Hao watu hushindilia mambo ya gays sanasana huwa homo kisiri. Unaweza pata Arror humeza strap-on balls-deep kwa bedroom.

Homosexuality is a Western affliction we will not tolerate.

Who cares? so long as awanyoroshe vizuri publicly. There’s a reason why @TrumanCapote trembles at the thought of JSKS

The hypocrisy comes into play, again.

While we acknowledge your efforts in processing what was posted in this thread


I recommend that you seek help from your friends and family before writing nonsense.

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This is one of the few areas I agree with conman WSR.

Homosexuality has the full backing of the American government. As soon as JSKS tries anything the Americans don’t like, aid/loans will be withdrawn and we will be sanctioned to the point it will not be worth the trouble.

Of all the issues bedeviling this godforsaken country, nugu imeona ushoga? No one cares buana.

Nimewacha kusomea hapo pa cisechopocotrashy

kwa hii story mimi na @kush yule mnono tuko [SIZE=7]NYUMA [/SIZE]ya Ruto

Nilikwambia utajetaje coomer ya mamamko .stupid

We ghaseer utaambiwa mara ngapi utoke nyuma ya wanaume

Disingenuous. Imo Kenya hatujafika stage ya kuongelelea about g.ay rights. However no one should be ostracized for being gay

Saw what u did there…

@Thirimaii @kanguthu anzeni kutafta asylum

We care mbwa hii,ama you supplement your 9k salo na kuuza mkundu?shoga takataka