William Ruto and allies Echesa , Sudi , Gachagua,Jirongo, Farouk Kibet at work , if he wins 2022


jamaa ataacha kiti kama Kenya ni imekuwa Somalia. KANU wankers reloaded



Why is Gado promoting beastiality?

wacha uhuru atawale milele







Umeffi!! Upus!! Cartoons from 1973.


Because the alternative would’ve have been too graphic


I thank God that I am finally at home with my family after facing trumped up charges by the DCI on orders from State House.
I thank all those who committed me to prayer. I thank the great people of Mathira for their prayers and believing in my innocence.
I thank the Hustler Nation under the leadership of Dr. William Ruto for their support and comradeship.
I thank my team of ten lawyers under the leadership of Senior Counsel Kioko Kilukumi. I thank all the police officers at the DCI headquarters and Gigiri Police Station for treating me with dignity and respect and being very professional in discharging their duties.
I thank all the friends who helped me raise the hefty cash bail in a record three hours.
I sincerely thank my wife and boys for standing with me and taking care of our home in my absence.
I finally thank the people of Mathira, Kiambaa and Eldoret who expressed their disgust, in one way or another, with the use of the criminal justice system to persecute those of different political stand from that of the powers that be.
I am finally happy to face justice in an independent Court of Law.
I am now finishing the two books that I was reading in the cells, “Nothing Lasts Forever” and another one given to me at the DCI Headquarters, “Rising Against All Odds”

[SIZE=7]Rigathi Gachagua[/SIZE]

Since it’s obvious that Ruto is winning the presidency in 2022, it’s my hope that he won’t bring these goons sorrounding him to the top leadership of the country

Ruto akiingia as shiny eyes want him to, he will make Jubilee’s era seem like a Sunday school tea party. Wale hungry tigers wako around yeye will look mpaka vibiriti na chumvi.

Continue hoping

It will be a massacre. Moi times 3. Forests, National Parks will be cleared. Public beaches will be sold off and fenced. Police station land will all be sold. They will be operating from rented properties.

:D:D he will loot everything but ni kama STATE DEPARTMENT ilimuonea 18 , wame revive ICC case arushwe ndani. ni kama Atwoli ako na maboyz kwa CIA walimshow ghassia hatakuwa kwa ballot.

naona akikimbilia Uganda no wonder amekuwa akipeleka pesa UG kwa M7

Nothing is obvious

watu hawaheshimu waheshimiwa…


I get weak,literary weak when I read such comments from the likes of you.What happens to bonobos when election period approaches,someone need to do that research.