William Otieno amekula 300k sent to him by mistake

@KuwaitBabe alituma pesa Kimakosa kwa hio mjamaa.
t’s alleged alihonga DCI kasarani ma 100k akabaki na 200k ndio case ikunywe maji.

Is there justice in this country?

When you have a problem ndio unajua uko peke yako kabisa. Safaricom inajitoa, polisi ni nyang’au, hiring a lawyer will cost you more. We’re just fcked.

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How can you send such an amount to a wrong number ? Ama mwenye kutumiwa alikuwa amechange number? Na mwenye kutuma hakuconfirm? Ama iyo ni kama 30 bob kwake?Does not make sense

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These are the things that make people wish policemen death and sad lives, which most of them actually live.


nikikumbuka nugu inaitwa boniface ilikula 20k yangu and the best saf could do is call him nguvu iniasha…


Safaricom are crap,got a new number in dec last year but since beginning of this month have been getting messages that i owe 550 in hustler fund loan which i purportedly took in august.

Meaning the number belonged to someone else b4 i was given.


I was once like you, till I realized it can happen to anyone…

OCs mkamba mumama ndio alikula

She sent it from Saudi Arabia, which means she used a app like world remit. From such apps, all you do is enter a number and then a name. It’s easy to input a wrong number.

What she should have done is make a smaller payment and wait for confirmation, then make another.

She gave the money to a bank cashier to send, then the cashier gave it another cashier who brought the confusion.

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sweted hard money.

hakuna mtu hulia na machungu bitter kuiko mwanamke amelose pesa hata kama ni shing’ kumi

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One of the stranger things about Kenyans,yaani unasave 100 cost of call to confirm number before you send money but lose hundred of thousands of shillings

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So it’s a bank fault.


Basi she needs to follow it up with the bank.

Kwani hujui a number gets reassigned to a new user ukiiwacha for more than 3months. I get random txt and calls calling me a name that is not mine.

Watalipa iyo Doo

Siwezimind akunie Kwa chest yangu Kama na nyonga

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How damp is the girl ? Unaeza aje tuma 300 fucking thousands to the wrong person? Awache kusumbua, kama Jamaa alitoa sadaka to DCI