William Kafogo

What business does this Alpha male run now that he is not in politics… Be specific please… Asanteni bonobo wenzagu

What business was he doing, before he joined politics ?

Mzito amechill, but me thinks his accountants are busy, handling some insane amount of money on daily basis. There’re some ventures that you don’t retire from.
Huyu Mzito amekazana sana government ipatie watu hizo contract za kujenga nyumba under big four agenda, i guess he has lots of money for that.

Jamaa alimwaga pesa Waititu aangushwe

Mega land deals… And when it backfires, looking for 100m to pay victims of his deals… Nakumatt is dead… . Now even more engaged on social media, TV and on all kinds of radio programs…



This could be kafogi 's research assistant…

He recently lost a major case involving a valuable piece of land either in Nairobi or Kiambu county. He is always begging for the job to fight corruption as saying he will do it for free. Uhuru just ignores him

He is badass

Kiambu county is cursed if all we have to talk about is Waititi and Kafogo as our leaders …read thieves…wacha tuibiwe. We might start thinking when all is gone…when they are not on the scene.
Trust me there will be a bloodbath one day.

Kwetu ni Munya versus Kiratu…

What area geographically?



Yuko mathaais smkts siku hizi…

Pharmarcist in Chief.

I agree…

Ako na Estate amejenga hapo kiambu Road. Go buy houses.

Pharmacy business.

Makongeni pia, karibu naAnanas