will your daughters inherit your property?

Man has 2 daughters only and a large farm in shags. Man dies. Daughters live in Nairobi. Uncle asks to farm the land since it’s idle. Time passes. Daughters want to go back to shags. Uncle refuses and says daughters don’t inherit land. Says land is now his. This story is posted on Facebook. Many men esp Luyha since it’s a story from western, support the uncle in the name of culture/ Others disagree. What’s your view?

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So what should we say? Wewe kama mwenye ako na 2 balls what are your plans with your daughter? It is you to decided whether they will inherit or not. If you follow your dubious culture then itakua ivo ivo


Title deed inasemaje? Watoto wote ni equal. Wote wana haki kupata share kwa mali ya mzazi akiaga.

The consititushon is very clear. Huyo uncle is living a lie.

Yep, but it the title will retain the family name… No selling.

Kuna kitu inaitwa “writing a will”, people should take it seriously especially if you start owning things that are likely to be contested for once you go six feet under

Andikeni will mapema…
Stop favoring boys to girls. History has shown that girls are always helpful to their aging parents than boys. Why deny them rightful property inheritance based on their gender.

wababa wansema ati msichana atapata mali ya bwanake pia… that’s why the culture was there

Hii inakuwanga upuzi. Most men these days are dead beats.

Wangu lazima.

  1. Sheria ilipitishwa ya kutambua urithi wa mali ya wazazi kwa watoto wa jinsia yote.( hata kama hakuandika wasia).

Yes they will inherit.

Ooh YES!!!

why not? those western folks are very ignorant, law is very clear, all children are treated equally

Uncle has no case here.
The girls rightfully own the land now.

nothing can prevent the daughters from selling or splitting it as they want, they can just transfer it to their names.

Wangu watakula mali yangu, iyo ni damu yangu bana

Look at peasants arguing over why writing the will is the most prudent thing. Writing a Will is no joke, tafuteni pesa na mali wenyewe you’ll see why. Alafu women in Africa, don’t usually inherit their father’s properties and there’s a reason why. No matter how intelligent women are, they still can’t manage shit. If those women have kids, they’ll be entitled to their grandparent’s properties which is dangerous. Kijana arudi kwa babake apewe shamba huko. That’s why the next of kin ie uncle or an agreed upon male from the fathers side ndiye ana inherit hiyo property if there were no sons kwa hiyo boma. Family lineage lazime i protectiwe.

Ignorance is good sometimes.

No court will uphold that. It will create a perpetuity.