Will we ever know the truth for sure?

It is factual that the new testament was written by authors who did not witness Jesus first hand.This is a fact.Do your research.This alone cancels it out as being divinely inspired. Even the jews do not believe in Jesus.That is the main difference between Judaism and christianity.Remember a verse that says salvation comes from the jews.They only follow the old testament.

Now my main issue with the old testament is that the only people who can say that they know for sure are Moses and the Israelites who were there on the mountain and they witnessed first hand.Every generation after that believe what they read in their religious text,they do not know for sure,they believe.

The issue with belief is that one can believe anything they want to believe.If you were born in Afghanistan you would be a muslim wearing a kanzu,not a christian in kenya. If you were born in India you would practice the Hindu religion as we speak.

So people are not choosing what to believe in,they are just born in a particular culture and they grow up believing in the doctrines of that particular culture.

Every culture on this planet has a concept of there being a creator. Who that creator is is where we differ.I see all religions as an attempt to have a connection with what they think is the creator.

So who is right and who is wrong?
Who knows the truth of our origins and our purpose on this planet?
Do you think we will ever know the truth?

The holyspirit is here on earth. Ask God to fill you with His spirit and you will know the truth.

The holier than thou Christians will tell you that Jesus is the truth whereas they see other believers (other beliefs) are inferior…

The bible and Christianity are foreign concepts. Religion has caused more harm than good. Islam, Catholicism and Protestantism have caused more deaths than all world wars combined. Fuck that religious shit.

Some years back I went through a really rough patch in my life. I grappled with this question till I despaired of being sure about religion. I went to a number of churches thinking I would know the truth. I even worked in a church at some point for several years, but I became no wiser. So I quit, and decided to enjoy every moment of my life, take the bitter with the sweet, and just try to be a good and reasonable human being. I don’t always succeed. Sometimes I get frustrated by life like most people, I get mad and curse, and sometimes I feel calm and grateful for what I have. I’m at a point where I think if God wants to tell me something He will. So I will not keep worrying whether I’m right or wrong.

Some people have never had it rough and therefore believe in their religion and culture as the only truth, that is well documented by the bible story of Job. Not that they are wrong but their understanding is limited, they are the self righteous members of church who think they know it all (pharisees). To some it does not work that way, they are stretched above and beyond and isolated from the culture and religious believes to search of truth.

Trying to find out the truth can sometimes be dangerous. Once you begin searching for it you get curious and have a point to prove and you will do anything to prove it to yourself. However you don’t realise how much it took you untill you get there.
At the end you are more unsatisfied and you realize you are it’s a lonely feeling because no one else will understand your exact situation. It’s the most alone you will ever feel and maybe very comforting.

See the truth is in front of you but we need to change our perspective of reality to be able to see it or experience it. It’s known as the fundamental reality and consciousness so as to see things for what they truly are as opposed to what we want them to be. Basically religion is there to answer questions that humans are yet to find answers for just filling the gaps. However, we don’t have to view it as evil since the problem is in how we practice it. Personally i think religion is a way to coexist peacefully in our societies. However people take advantage of religion and our need to know and believe to control the masses. Contrary to pastors, no one has answers to everything and the earlier we realize this the better. For one, good and bad things are going to happen to everyone and what we call luck is simply being at the right spot, with the right people at the right time, in the right scenario - that’s why it’s rare.

Chances are the reason you’re alive today, it’s not about being special as the the clerics want us to believe. Basically it’s probability…a woman has around 300,000 eggs while a man produces about 525 billion sperms in his lifetime so one can calculate their probability of being born. Taking into consideration the probability of there parents meeting and mating then the probability of being born gets even lower.
We seem to dislike and ignore the idea of entropy -that everything is trending to the state of disorder yet it’s the only way we can have a radical view of the world. The reason why house chores are always tiresome is because everything tends towards disorder, you keep things in order everyday but they will always fall into disorder. It’s the same way with life, things will always fall into the state of disorder.

In conclusion what I mean is we are looking for answers that are in front of us. However, the media, religion, politicians, science, and even society are all feeding us with their narratives that best suits them and it works because they tap into our faults as humans but once you clear your mind of bias, preconceived notions and ideas and what you hold so dear to believe to be true then reality kicks in. As I said above the main reason you’re not getting answers is because everyone is feeding you their own narrative or part of the story and not the truth you are looking for. It’s up to you to connect the pieces and missing links. Also rem to always read between the lines in whatever your hear or see as each message will have an intended purpose most probably to entrench the ideas the source is advocating for and that’s how we get pointed to the wrong direction always in our quest for truth.

Even if you forget everything else rem entropy, it’s the first step in understanding what’s happening

Religion is also superstition.
I believed in God. I thought ONLY FOOLS SAY IN THEIR HEARTS THAT THERE IS NO GOD. After time I started to think that there is no god. Then I found myself believing that there is no god. ‘Thank god’, I have found out for sure that there is no god. Today I KNOW FOR SURE THERE IS NO GOD. And now I say ONLY FOOLS BELIEVE AND SAY THAT THERE IS ANY GOD, almighty or otherwise!


I think what we need to ask ourselves is why do we have this fixation on Jews, jewish culture and religion. Do Chinese, Indians, Japanese, Koreans spend their time admiring and researching about Jewsish culture? Strong cultures are able to keep their people the star of their movies. Mkenya your culture has taken a beating from mzungu mpaka you reject everything yours including names. Now you convince yourself you need a white name (christian name) to go to heaven. Mna mchezo sana nyinyi Africans.

EXACTLY. Christianity as a whole is simply a Jewish belief that we have adopted as our own. There is a God. Religion is the human aspect built around that God.Christianity and Islam are human political organizations that I dont want anything to do with. I believe in God direct bila sijui kupitia Jesus mara Mary…