Will Tyga succeed?

Tyga is launching his own competitive pay to view explicit content platform. Will it surpass OnlyFans?

@Violete apeleke shemale chieth huko

It will be as successful as Soulja Boy’s gaming console

Atleast he’s trying…

Is he trying to say that pssuy abhors a vacuum?

He has supply of fine puuuussy, and the only fan demand will have to be sated

i support Tyga

Atafungwa. You see Tyga is a porn producer. They won’t let him succeed as a black man. The legal threshold for a porn channel are a lot higher.

There’s a legal threshold, what a country

Yes. Thats why most porn channels operate from outside the US. For example, pornhub operates from a country called Luxemborg, Otherwise the owners would be in jail. For example one law states that for an actor to be in a porn video, she must provide written consent of identity and age. Out of all pornhub videos, how many have documentation of that?

ataoshwa banae
kwanza tech side. lakini kama ako na wasee wamemupea backing, anaweza penya

Who is Taiga.???