Will the west bail us out of this budget deficits..

As the west blue boy as our president is, are we going to witness a 360 degrees turn around with time matters economy? Japan came calling, soon Chinese premier will troop here, that’s the economic equilibrium between the East versus the west that is to our advantage despite our many bonoboism characters in the government looting spree culture of the current generation of the president tribesmen,looters not reformers…

No hope with this kavament, the looting will be historical ,moi will be a saint by 2030

No hope. Watakopesha Ruto pesa mingi such that immediately after term yake uchumi itaanguka.

I thought he was your hero ?:smiley:

uchumi yenu ndio itaanguka, sio Arror,

We know that sir fool ,so let me ask you , you voted him so that uchumi yetu ianguke yake ikiendelea kuwa poa ehhhhh? What logic is that chief ?

But why do we need such a huge budget .Our budget is the same as Ethiopia and Nigeria which are bigger in size and have a bigger population.

Your leaders have a bigger appetite

sikupiga kura.

uchumi inategemea watu ya private sector, sio wanasiasa.

Key faces missing here. Huyu ndiye José Camargo

Kuna jamaa zikiona hio jina wataanza kulia wakikuambia vile Ruto is the president cha lazima. :D:D:D