Will the war on graft change Kenya?

Assuming the current war on corruption mitigates graft in government, will it change Kenya. It is a good course but will it lift millions of Kenyans out of poverty. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is focusing on tech advancement. In India, despite widespread shortcomings, technology has alleviated a host of citizen out of poverty. Here, most of our citizens still practice small-scale rain fed agriculture. With climate change in place, Kenya has in recent years had to endure extreme weather patterns. So, the question is “are we setting our priorities right?” If we do not have plans to deal with rural poverty then no matter what policy is brought forth, we will not see much change.

what’s the meaning of this?

so what should we do? What in your opinion is the panacea for rural poverty?

Idler end apply kazi kwa KNUT ya secretary general. Sossion has lost it after being deregistered.

Sensitizing people on climate issues,food security…ethiopia just planted 350m trees to eliviate desertification…with good governance ,places like north eastern would be the bread basket of kenya when it comes to land reclamation,case in point,did you know saudi arabia has the largest dairy farm and they dont outsource the animal feeds?,i know utasema ‘but wako na pesa’,pia sisi tuko nayo hadi tunaiba ,dont forget the favourable weather. Its the people we put in office,from makangas,henchmen,drug peddlers to bouncers and women who cant keep their legs together…graft is part and parcel of kenya’s development and way forward albeit at a very slow pace

shida ni our priorities are upside down…good governance and policies will get us where we should be

I believe we must start from somewhere, so the war on graft will partly change kenya, but its just part of the ingredient for change

there is no war giung on. just 2020 politics, and pr

Inaitwa kupuliza. Just busy doing nothing. Wakenya kufumbwa tu:D

If the corruption gets to a point of stifling the establishment of industries - as it is the case here - that definitely negatively impacts on how we can create employment, hence eradicate poverty. That makes us loose our competitiveness.

But if we fight corruption the way we are doing now, we head nowhere. So long as we use the war on corruption as tool for succession planning, then we are wasting time and Kenyan’s hope. If Maina Kamanda, Moses Wetangula, Peter Kaluma, etc. can stand and lecture the country on corruption, then we’re joking.

The single most important thing you can do is STOPPING BREEDING LIKE RATS.

The next is GETTING EVERYBODY TO BE INVOLVED IN THE ECONOMY, however small that involvement is.

In Kenya you have millions of baboon-level IQ breeding endlessly and just sitting there crying ‘serikali saidia’. That right there is the problem.

Wisdom detected.

In the 60s Kenya was ahead of countries like Singapore in development :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Chinese style under chairman Mao. Tupa watu kwa industries na farms…forced labour ndio itapatia watu adabu

That is the way Idi Amin was trying to do, rid kampala of beggers and people who consume but contribute nothing to the economy. Cut foreign ownership of capital. we have alot of idle labour. A idle labour force does not deserve anything good