Will the state freeze WSR accounts?


The courts will bail him.

What accounts? His personal accounts have nothing.


No. They’ll freeze him out of the presidency.

Lol. Which accounts… No sane individual would imagine our incoming leader would have his monies in local banks.

which accounts? Mnaona Arror akiwa fala aje? Tukuwe serious

Ni fala, based on how he does his business sheepishly. How can a whole Dep. Prez be caught sneaking around with known criminals? A whole freakin DP walking and dealing with some criminal bearing a falsified work permit! C’mon!

This kleptomaniac LootAll should never be handed that sword of the commander in chief.

Look who he surrounds himself with starting with Sudi, Mako-meno, loudmouth Duale, illiterate Echesa na wengineo.

He’d make Moi’s “error” seem like the choir boys. Kenyans would be nostalgic for those bygone days as brutal as his reign was at that time.