Will the majority of us end up in heaven or hell?

Matthew 7: 13-14
13 “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. 14 But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it."

Now, consider this scenario, two houses are on fire. House A has 1 person and house B has 10 people. A firefighter only has time and water to put out 1 burning house, which one should he choose? We can all agree the moral choice is house B to save 10 people.

So why did God create all of us knowing very well the vast majority of us would never make it to heaven and only the chosen few would be in heaven? Isn’t this the same as allowing 10 people to burn to rescue 1 person? Was/is this a moral decision by God?

Heaven and hell are right here on earth mdau.
You are already going through them.

My question is why Saint peter will read from a book while there are computers and biometric systems.

You are asking the question from a christian point of view. So,i will ask you,does the christian god recognize other sects ama god ni wengi kama wakihindi? When ‘christians’ go wherever they’ll be going,what about the non christians? Do xtiasns think beyond the gospel ama ni brainwash with myopic vision? [SIZE=1]asking for my pet [/SIZE]

The Bible is clear, non-christians are doomed. Next kweshen?

The correct question is, why are humans prone to rebellion against God despite his everlasting goodness? Why do you assume that everyone wants to go to heaven and spend eternity worshipping God?

Majority, I mean all of us will end up in graves

Do you want to go to hell and spend eternity being tortured?

Bro, what about the entire universe and its vastness… Mbona focus iko kwa heaven na hell pekeyake?? :D:D:D…huko kwa edge of the universe kukona nini? Na hio hell kwani ni kubwa kiasi gani ndio ichome several million people that are just a sniff if you compare it to the milky way galaxy alone :D:D… Do you think a creator of all that vastness is that petty???

Why on goodness sake will there be hell for earth alone? .

Banae, bro Just live your life, relate with people, do good and die…if you wanna be a Christian be that in peace if you have doubts, then don’t be. Its that simple, sijui kwanini atheist keep popping up questions on us… You don’t believe in God, then thats fine… sawa @Tom Bayeye ? Acha wenye wana amini wakae na imani yao… They shouldn’t force people to believe in their stuff neither should Christians… We so tired of this crap, kila saa Mungu Yuko, Mungu hayuko… Unaskia @Ndindu ? Meffi ww

The real question is what gives god the right(assuming he exists) to create conscious creatures, make up arbitrary rules for them to follow, and when they fail to do so (since he apparently created them imperfect), say he will then torture them for eternity?

If you’re tired stop clicking on the religion section. This is what it’s for

What, Unending debate?

Yes. But you can also post bible verses if you want

That is the exclusive benefit of being God!

Do you believe the idea of hell’s torture is enough of a deterrent to an unregenerate soul? This thing called free will and what it can do when it is not fully submitted to the will of God… Satan and a third of his fallen angels lived in heaven for billions of years, they tasted the goodness of God, they experienced Him creating majestic worlds and yet it was not enough. Satan asked the same question that plagues so many humans today, he questioned the Sovereignty of God to the point where he preferred living in hell where he could be his own boss, than continue living under God’s purview.

More than spending all of eternity in heaven, I’m pleased that the sin question will be dealt with conclusively.

no need to torture unwelcome people. They can always deport persona non-grata. that’s how we do it these days. how can they be that backward.

Msee you are talking about theories and fantastic beings as if they are actually real things! Have you been to heaven? Ever seen an angel? Satan? Do you even know if any of that stuff exists? You pretend you do but deep down you know you don’t know.

There is no afterlife…the phrase itself is an oxymoron.

If I die,I die

he should take note eternity is a very long time akaechini kwanza to think about it

You speak as if you were the cameraman in heaven. Anyway, if heaven is so good why did Satan and a third of the angels want out? The Bible only tells you one side of the story, isn’t it fair to also consider Satan’s side of the story?