Will Smith Chronicles

Have been getting Will Smith content on the internet a lot lately. It’s embarrassing to see Will turned into a sissy boy while Jada wears the trousers in their so-called ‘marriage’.
So sad to see lately how our idols are becoming more and more human.

That’s what you get for “respecting” women. They can drag your name through the mud all they want because you’re a “gentleman.”

His midget wife is too entitled. Everytime she speaks, she looks and sounds dumber.

Here we go again

Women like her are what our young girls look up to. With the level of influence American popular culture has in Kenya, hii ndo itakuwa trend huku.


The guy is a good actor but not the sharpest tool in the shed.

It’s cheaper to keep the kunguru, divorce settlement si mchezo.

Huwezi pewa kila kitu elder