Will Smith amepigwa sweep nyingine na bibi


:D:D:D Will Smith knowingly played second fiddle to tu-Pac. I read somewhere that when they started dating Jada made it clear that if Pac called her no matter what time of the day or night she will drop whatever she is doing to go see him. Will Smith cucked from the beginning. If Pac was still alive Pinkett would have fucked him numerous times and maybe had children with him with Will Smith playing the supportive husband’s role

Lakini nini Hua mbaya na huyu will Smith? Msenge nini?
@chap also drops anything he does to rush to @Kodiaga with some avocado whenever he calls leaving @Keffjoinange waiting on him to return dripping while drying

2pac alitomba hio malaya visoori but the disrespect to the betachieth is too much

2pac lazima aliingia mkia

At this point, it’s just being disrespectful. That’s what happens when you refuse to take charge of your household

hehe… …I though this will smith was a big man. tupac alikuwa kamtu kadogo si angekatwanga alafu aingie mitini kabla ya hiyo mbogi ya west side na bloods kummaliza.

And how do u know if will smith didnt kill that tupac guy

Happens when you don’t put your foot down and let her know disrespect and treason mean the same thing to you and thus treated alike

Pac was a wannabe thug, but a poet. Both him and smith are soft.

Never accept this from your partner…playing second fiddle to an ex.

Tupac was a wannabe thug.

this is like your gf rejecting ur call at night then the next day it’s you to call again and she responds like all is ok and u ok with that. if u marry such a woman u would be a suruali husband!

this nigga needs to dna test those little bastards…

These akata women r crazy. Better white ones. Ask purple

I’ve never understood what this Will Smith character saw/sees in this woman. I mean, I can’t say she’s ugly, but she ain’t exactly that pretty, yaani hunikalia kitu average tuuu. The man on the other hand has women who are always ready to drop their panties for him at the drop of a hat and still puts up with this nonsense. I guess humiliation turns him on.

Date an akata woman at your own risk. Some r good though. The learned ones

At this point we can conclusively say Will Smith is the battered wife in that relationship.

Gaddem! Who killed 2pac?[ATTACH=full]372384[/ATTACH]

It’s cheaper to keep her… Otherwise if he decides to ditch her the bitch gon gut him like a fish…