Will of the people....

I have read the above statement from many Babuon supporters all over the bloody social media including in this village.

Do these bloody nasarites think their will is more important than of other Kenyans ?

Even jubilee fans have their will which must be respected too!!

Cc: muchunu and party

Fixed and weighing scale balanced. Twende kazi…

42 vs 1/2… UOTP

hii 8/8/17 ifike haraka ndo hii upussy ya uotp na rwnbpork iishe…

Ati mnasema kenya kunabaridi

10 RICHEST families in

  1. Moi Family
  2. Nicholas Biwott
  3. Kenyatta family
  4. Joshua Kulei
  5. Njenga Karume
  6. Philip Ndegwa family
  7. Odinga family
  8. Manu Chandaria
  9. S. K Macharia
  10. Mwai Kibaki
    Did you see my family or
    your family name
    anywhere on the list???NO!
    I don’t think so! Alafu
    wewe ndio utakua
    umebeba ile panga kubwa
    kabisa after 8th
    August unataka kunichinja
    na tuko class
    moja! Mimi sina place
    ingine naweza
    torokea ,so pliz, let us
    remain peaceful
    after elections, Raila
    na Uhuru Kenyatta
    hakujui wala hawanijui, wao
    watakua wame-relax
    kwao wamezungukwa na
    GSU…wewe na mimi hatuna GSU!!!

Its boring but Rwnbp.


You’re the minority. Actually, minus al ghurair, rogue kdf and mischievous chebukati, you’re nothing.

Kweli kabisa…
Hizi siasa hata zimemharibia @Female Perspective kazi…

I support you 100%…
But that does not mean I’ll allow someone to live rent-free in my properties or even to invade my land and expect me to sing Hallelujah…
I’ll actually make him sing the said Hallelujahs beyond the blues!


I think the plan is the government will pay the rent or part of it. The Tenant pays a reduced rent.

10+ million Strong all the way.

Go through what these guys are promising and tell me where the Government will get money to pay rents for (un) productive multitudes…
leave alone financing the other major activities.
Remember hata Singo mothers have been promised freebies…

You know with a politician you give him the benefit of the doubt until he gets there, then you judge. In 2013 Uhuru promised 500K jobs. To date have you seen any? If the government today can subsidize Unga out of nowhere with no plan beforehand, they may be able to subsidize rent with a plan.

Latest Poll (July 23 Infotrack) Raila 47% Uhuru 46%. (6 months ago Raila 26%).

Yes minority that are the majority. Hehehe