Will He Really Stand Strong?

If questioned say its Kyrgitt’s post

Mr. M: Kyrgitt, William Ruto is under siege and under a barrage of media attacks and propaganda. Will he really withstand? They are not relenting.

Kyr: And they shouldn’t. Koitalel Arap Samoei led the longest and bloodiest resistance against the British colonialists all over East Africa. The Nandi did not allow penetration into their lands easy. Kipchirchir Samoei Arap Ruto has a name to honor.

When I went for my initiation, I was the first in line due to cultural protocol. Had I have winced or shut an eye while the deed was underway, I’d have been shamed, cast away and been deemed an embarrassment to my ageset. My fellow initiates would have suffered the indecency of a weakling leader. I had only one responsibility as the first in line. To be brave and withstand it. I stared straight into his bloodshot eyes like a man. A Kirgit is born, not baked. So far William is withstanding it. He hasn’t caved in. He is not wincing. He is taking it in his stride. Should he cave in to the pressure, then he’s not a man. His culture dictates that a real man is like an arrow head. It’s smelted and caste through furnace fire. Weak metal cracks. If he half as much as grimaced, then he wouldn’t be a man but a boy. And he would lose his grip on his mantle. He is not wincing. He is not cowing. He is calm. In fact, the other team are the ones almost getting hernias trying to humiliate him. They’ll get high blood pressure for nothing. His team( Mt Kenya) are being plucked and beat down, but they haven’t submitted. They haven’t caved. None has abandoned their positions. None has betrayed their allegiance. He is being fought externally. Not internally. They are firm. They are accepting the scarifice. Real men, fight to the last breath. Real men, do not forget their manhood.

So, the noise and choreographed attacks will burn out. It won’t sustain for long. The innate stamina isn’t mechanical, it’s embedded in the DNA.

Mr M: Must every argument, however logical, be about your people and their ways?

Kyr: Yes! Pkulel.

Ruto is being pushed so bad. Hope he clinches the top seat coz some people would dace the music.

Mt. Kenyan leaders pushing Ruto around don’t know who/what they are dealing with. Ngoja, time will tell. You throw Ruto to the dogs, he comes back leading the pack and you won’t like it. I like how calm he has remained, trying to avoid unnecessary direct confrontations. Ile siku ataamua wacha katambe ndio Gatheca and other beta males watatambua. Gatheca anashindwa kuto Al-Shaitain Boni Forest and thinks he can shepherd people around?? Woe unto him.