Will Ethiopia Annex Kenya ? Ethiopian invasion of kenya??


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Ethiopia should deal with its own internal problems first before they come to attack us.

We’ve never fought any army, were new in this…

Hii ni some misguided soldiers and will be discussed and delt with at higher political level. We dont even know if they were federal troops or some militia disguised as such. There will be no war

Kenya army itawezana kama kazi ni kukimbizana na cattle rustlers? War is not for us. Ethiopia can annex half of kenya if it wants to

You know how you’re always telling people to stay in their lanes? On this subject you should take your own advice.

Heed to the sweep umepigwa hapo juu.Vita ya kijeshi sio mambo ya kinyozi…

For an army to be vicious and strong, it must have encountered many missions & fought various wars. This creates tactics and skills. Our Army has only engaged Zoomalia and lost many of our brave men.

Zoomalains only understand one language if they kill one of your own you have 2 kill 10 of their own

mimi ni barber yao.uko na swali?
Jeshi ya kenya ni mala mala. Tukubali yaishe.pole kama aanko yako yuko kule. They cant do sheet …labda kuiba vitu supermarket na kuharas watu highway na clubs.@Kimakia,learn what a sweep looks like.

This kind of thing has happened many times in the past with no real response from the Kenya Government other than news suppression in Kenya

Funny enough, most Kenyans still think Ethiopia is a friend/ally of Kenya


The kenyan government have given some of the rebels who’s been causing trouble in Ethiopia a "safe haven " you can’t blame us for crossing over and killing those scams we are actually doing you a favor do you prefer shelteing Islamic terrorists who will one day attack Kenya

Labda kwenu,kwetu hawawezi ata na dawa!

Quite impossible! You can tell from the failure in reclaiming the ILEMI triangle.

Don’t you find it fascinating that Ethiopia never subjected Kenya even when it was ruled by monarchs? But they subjected Somalia?

Why didn’t Ethiopia take over Kenya?

Kubali umesikia kujinyonga na utiii…you live to fight another day