Will Corona Virus Get Of Of Hand Like The Spanish Flu and Wipe Out At Least 5 Billion Humans?

Planet earth and the aliens that manage it are angry and think it is time to do a partial factory reset like they did in 1918 after the 1914 WW1 failed to achieve the desired casualty figures.

But generally speaking the Negroid race has some natural immunity when it come to the Flu Family of viruses. Caucasians and Asians are very vulnerable to this group of viruses that is why in 1918 they got fvcked so hard.

Wish it spreads and reduces the EU population to 800 people and wipes off US white population from 230 Million to 150 people na Asia down from 4 Billion to 600 people.

Sasa shida yako ni nini wishing for so many deaths?

Sasa utaabudu nani venye unawapenda hawa watu

We will move over there and convert Europe into a slum because that is what we are programmed to do.

2% death rate is not enough. Ebola at its prime was 90%

Am not sure you and your kin are enough to do that.

We have challenges but you, brother, needs prayers

I don’t believe in Aliens ruling earth lakini fast death rate hinders spreading. Kwanza Corona ni asymptomatic for longer durations.

boss… never wish death on anyone buana unless amekuchunisha sukuma kamiti. i know odiero has chunishad negro sukuma for centuries lakini…

He he he … Fangi ni mbaya… na bado si huru!

Yes but this bitch can spread while the recipient is asymptomatic for up to 30 days.
Ebola is contagious only when you have symptoms which hit you like a sledgehammer, no going to work let alone leaving the house.
This disease is due to kill 80 million people.