Will American Jews Return to Israel?

Yes, they must return according to Isaiah 43:5-6. All those Jews living in Jew-York for generations since WW2 and all over America, from the billionaire class to the average Jew on Main Street. Whether they will leave out of their own volition (or by force) is the question.

Every time the Jews are made to vacate a land or country they had previously inhabited, that is a KEY sign of impending judgement from God. From the time of the Egyptian empire to more recently in Germany. America is the final stronghold and the wrath of God is about to strike, but first they must do the “Jew persecution thing” that every single empire before them has done.

In Egypt the decree from Pharaoh was that Hebrews would make bricks without straw. Then the plagues started, eventually the Jews left Egypt. All of Pharaoh’s chariots drowned in the Red Sea. Egypt was decimated never to become an empire again. It continued on and on, the Roman Empire, they did same thing to the Jews. Down through history, these people never learn. Hitler’s miserable, defeated end occurred inside in a bunker, of suicide. His idea of a 1000-year Reich lay in ruins. Why? He picked on the wrong people. Oh America, your doom is sealed.

We’re officially at a prophetic crossroads.

When you have these sort of ideas being openly expressed on the most viewed platform on planet Earth, then it’s just a matter of time before thoughts turn into actions.

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The unfortunate thing is this Neo-Nazi racist is definitely a Trump supporter; the same Trump who is “pro-Israel.” The betrayal that’s coming will be epic.

Is DHS chief Mayorkas being targeted because he’s Jewish? I didnt know that part about his heritage but it makes sense considering how viciously the Republicans have been going after him. The insinuation is that he’s undermining the border on purpose, on Soros’ behalf.


After listening to that phenomenal Kanye album, I just wanna say that I stand behind Kanye and every comment he made in the last 10 years


Who is that enemy Alex Jones? I wonder….:thinking::thinking:


There you have it. :israel: Wow!

Did this just happen during the Super Bowl?




Am Y’Israel Chai. :israel::pray::israel::pray:

Mayorkas has just been impeached. Wow, there’s so many undercurrents behind this impeachment, and we know with :100: % certainty where it’s all headed. Back to the homeland. Am Y’Israel Chai. :israel::israel:!!


The antisemitism on Twitter and America is alarming! Has the cup of trembling began? The End Times are here in FULL FORCE!



Scary stuff. Am Y’Israel Chai. :pray::israel:


Bad actors are busy plotting terrible things for the Jews. May the God of Israel deliver His people.