I’ve just heard on the grapevine that the homosexual @WIGSPLITTA has been banned.

A few months ago that feggot tried to pick a fight with me. He even asked @Electronics4u to ban me. He called me a “USIU donkey.”

He even mentioned to @poyoloko how we was going to destroy my presence here. And then, when he was still wanking, I struck back. And he fled like a bitch.

Msenge kabisa yeye. Who do you think won that little fight? It’s a rhetorical question. Let the idiot marinate in Siberia. Meffi kabisa yeye.

OMG he just tweeted about you


pigwa miti mkunduni

ladies first, Mrs. @Kodiaga

Kwanza shot mara pili

You must be very idle.

What bread of donkey a you?