WiFi Connection Problems

There is a certain WiFi naconnect but when i connect napata imeandika “limited” with no internet connection…how do i correct this given that i do not own the wifi connection?

It must be having a password…wee lipia network wacha za sare


but i have the password…so how comes haiconnect?

most probably it has some mac filters to determine who can connect to the net and when

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Consider Network IP address. Either your WiFi network adapter has some IP address that doesn’t rhyme with the WiFi IP address.

It happens a lot when you go, (let’s say a cyber) and you request them to connect your laptop to their WiFi they end up assigning you an IP address. In this case, you forget to revert your WiFi adapter to Automatically chose an IP address.

It’s a simple solution, either put an IP address that rhymes with the WiFi you’re currently connecting to or let it choose an IP automatically. If this fails then the ISP is down.

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Hahaha, look for a way to reset the router to assign new IP addresses. Sneak kwa mwenye wifi.

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…What resources do you want to connect to? ‘Wifi’ does not necessarily mean internet.

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Consult the owner ,he might have changed the psswrd.


Kwanza nikuulize hii WiFi inaitwa ENG na iko hapo block ya engineering kwa hiyo uni iko Magadi road?

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Had same problem na ENG n what i did to solve was…
Open CMD with admin privileges… Then type “netsh winsock reset”

Restart comp when it’s done then… Before nikuambie next nii hii wifi Nadhani?

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Try this if what @Chloe has said doesn’t help. Remember NOT all WiFi are equipped or loaded with Internet. You could be connected to a WiFi that has no internet thus becoming goo for LAN only.
Next time Google for yourself.


Thanks sweets


Ntajaribu badae…siko kwa hao

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kama bado umeshindwa do this… its what i do.
after kutumia cmd… enda hapo kwa adapter options kwa wifi n connection setting(using w10)


  1. on clicking it will show you below page ama saka below kwa control panel. right click hiyo wifi the click properties[ATTACH=full]32015[/ATTACH]

3.on click properties italeta as below . double click hapo kwa IPv4 [ATTACH=full]32016[/ATTACH]

4.double clicking will show as below. sasa hapayou can click hapo kwa obtain ip adress automatically na pia dns server automatically then try n connect. if bado net ni limited then get back here. kama ulipewa an Ip address then hapo kwa ip adress enter the IP adress but the last digits like yangu mi 100 instead of that enter a value highereg mimi nimeweka 145. click on the subnet mask n it will automatically input value leave them as they are. on default gateway enter the ip address assigned n don’t change any digit eg the last 3 like changed in the IP address column. on dns server use any. like in my case am using google dns server.

  1. next enda internet settings kwa connections-LAN settings and click automatically detect settings… kama unatumia mozilla pia weka automatically detect. now try browsing utuambie if succesfull