How do you tell your (christian) wife you want to experiment anal sex with her?

You don’t. You don’t even think about it.

I want to experiment anal sex with you,wife.


Wueh, you may ask and she says yes to it or she will look at you as if you are the devil’s representative on earth. Lakini hapana cheza kwa sewage.

leta tips madze,

kazma[COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)] vs alshabab kuw…over2.5

Hehe hizo sio vitu za kifanyia bibi…ama ingiza wrong whole ukijifanya ni bahati mbaya uone reaction

international meffy.

As an expert in origami, I say you walk straight to her and say…“I noticed you have another hole.”

…mtu yeyote. kila kiungo kifanye yake; na ya nyuma si ya ngono.

What has made you crave to work for the sewerage department when there are other departments willing to offer you bonuses and overtime?
And the working environment is very conducive to a healthy and fulfilling life?

Evil mind

a man is ever curious, adventurous, the feeling of knowing the unknown

But why???

Faggot…Kila kiumgo na kazi yake unless u got a toothpick ama she has a basin pussy

testing new waters

New holes actually!