Wife material hapa. Watu waoe

Not everyday you come across a woman or her friends admitting that she is damaged goods.
But hey kuoa is very important. I’m sure she will make a very good mother and a super dutiful wife.


Hapo kwa kuchana… Ndio imefanya nimpe lawyer wangu leave hadi 2020

Hehehe most women will instinctively that their chances of landing a quality man decrease significantly after clocking 25 without a serious r/ship in sight. They know this and thats why the will try to trap u if u happen to cross paths with them.

A man can still get a good wife even when you are 40 tafuta pesa , make investments , take good care of your body and these 24 yr old will be running after you at 40 but ukiwa 40 na ulioa ukiwa 25 but huna kitu ata bibi atakuhepa

:D:D:D:Dhiyo ni shida tupu

Hehe woooi, can’t beat nature. A woman strength is in concieving and a man in providing. Funny how young men waste time and resources chasing and entertaining girls, taking them party after party.

Ferked up thought so we should make barren women feel less human

This is one crazy bitch, eti one spliff a day keeps evil away _ a blowjob a day keeps the side chick away,…this is my kind of crazy

That dude must be an infertile Meru. Yaani anachana na dame badala achukue slices.

We are talking of a typical relationship not special cases, you can’t generalise every relationship. Neither can you normalise special cases


:D:D:D:D:D…Yaani the woman can’t believe she has been told she is a low quality scumbag by an alpha male in such fashion. Napenda Sana.

I Hope that it is NOT this Carol … :D:D



What guarantee do you have that the little gals chasing after you at 40 will be interested in the marriage crap you have in mind? You either in or out, no 2 ways about it. That’s why I respect ile khasia inaitwa @Old Monk, a virgin at 40 na hasumbui

Madem huchana have whack pussy. Kitu dry ata haina utamu, every time lazma una lubricate dick

Ratio ya women to men Ni 3:1 , even a 100 year old man can get a 20 year old to marry

She just got a rude reality check that she is a low-quality trashy female that no sane man would want to get involved with. Boo-fucking-hoo!

Well put… Wacha aendelee kujiconsole… How long before you here those age is a just a number quotes from her?

@rollout Ingia DM umpeleke slum Ruaka

Hii ratio yako umetoa wapi?