Wife material..but

There is chic i have been seieing fine as hell including respect and character but she is too beautiful and light skinned.naogopa nikuliwe often na mafisi

Uzuri,haiezi isha.


Heri yeye kuliko ukuliwe yengs imechapa

Ni wa Kasarani?

They say when you pray for rain, be ready to deal with the mud as well. It’s inevitable. Yenx mrembo lazima wadau wamchangamkie. It’s the cost of doing business.

Weka picha kwanza tuchambue hiyo lightskin

Haaaaaaaaaaayaaaaa !

Puthy is never yours just your turn.tomba mara tatu ukiendanga

Niko madame wawili wa Kasarani.Ebu sema jina zao za kwanza before tuende mbali

Sisemi kitu !
No sylabus !

its easy to predict a bitch who will cheat on you…
1.does she chat with “different” men who she calls “friends” all the time?
2.does she tell lies or stories that do not add up , in present and from the past??
3.does she post pics all over social media looking for attention??
4.does she compare you to other men openly, like tell you about other men that you know that seem to be doing better materially than you??
5.does she seem to take her beauty like the only thing she possesses and can use it to get anything she wants??
6.has she ever told you during an argument, “you are not the only man who wants me”, “am still young and hot to get any man i want”
7.does she seem to treat you as if she is doing you a favor by being with you???

Piga yeye mimba azae

Wewe we know you are gayyyyyyyyyyy

Boy suck a dick up till you hick up!I have slept with 4 women last week from Thursday to Saturday


Hahaha, this list includes all bitches in Kenya. Watu wachukuange slices zao wakisonga mbele kama Injili ya Jehovah Wanyonyiii

kuna special ones, but at least you know what to expect:D:D

anafanya icipe?

chukua senyeste yake ufungilie kwa trouser na keyholder mweffi hii…women smell desperation from their me/men to be with the same magnitude a shark can detect blood in water…the moment that chic detects desperation from you atakuonyesha moto kajana yangu…just show her you do not care that much about her and then come thank me later…