Wife Material 2020

Many of you in here need to start looking for decent Lady companions for 2020 …



I bet her shit don’t stink

Siwezi lipa more than rwabe

Kizuri chajiuza… …

By the time such a gal settles down, that Pussy is so tattered, it’s held together by masking tape. Am just saying

The a thousand cock stare + The mighty wall=… 20 mks

Mimi nalipa one chuan.

Sage swali gani haina question mark ? Its more of a statement , na vile uko na experience you are the one to answer us which i think you have

nimeangukia bukusu 23 year old very fine light skin, next year nampiga ball… tell me what i should be worried about

Huyo mwenye amekalia sina tabu kwa wine and spirit pale kichochoro ya odeon bado ni decent?


Tena Sana …
Ni Bwana Tuu amekosa …



Msisahau when the wall knocks wasichana hukimbilia the naive church boys who marry in. a snap in a simple wedding half funded by the church ,kunguru ikipata security of matrimony she anafinya F5.

tough choices i tell you…moja imeshika hymnal book ingine imeshikilia counter ya counter ya kalokol ndio isianguke,na zote ni sunguch