Wife her or Regret

I want to wife this quail

Do hivi;
Nirushie digits zake. Nimsample halafu nitaconfirm kama ako wife material.

New villager unasumbua

Hapa wife materials hawaanikwi,

Go ahead

This bitch is called Lydia, she’s on Tagged.

My friend don’t try to marry this one. I know two men who have been with her and she is also actively hawking her wares on Tinder.

What the actual F**k. Had plans to initiate something solid

It seems Rona will not be the only cause of my disappearance

Why you gotta start the party before I show up

:D:D naona tuko wengi Sana tunajua huyu kunguru. NV did a good thing seeking advice in this kijiji

Unatupima akili ama ni ukweli?

This picture is from an hotel room after kukamuliwa na @Mpenda

Wife her and later see viral footage of her being passed around like a blunt cc @Starscream

I am serious about this man. Seems I am ill-informed.


Tamu kama sunguch, naona mshamleta Lydia hapa.

Usiwai amini vitu za shifo 99% huwa Ni fiction

this is her tagged pic

firal footage iko pande gani omwami?