wife and kids

Guys… I think my worldview iko very different from my peers’

I’m in my mid 20’s. I just started working. And yet I see my friends getting married. This year 3 of my friends have tied the knot.

And yet… I want nothing like that. I don’t want a wife and kids. I want to make money and live a good life. I want to save my money and invest heavily on profitable projects. In my early 30’s I want to be meddling with nice toys, not worrying about school fees.

And yet everytime I mention this to people they give me a weird look. Is there anything wrong with me?

Nuh bruh. You good. Endelea hivyo.

Final stages of turning gaaay

Don’t marry in your 20s unless you want to end up like mkamba mjinga illiterate @PHARMACY


Yes. Anything which can go wrong is wrong with you.

Your future is bright sana. Ongea hiyo maneno ukikafunga vizuri and compare notes with your peers then

Of course, you are a cross-eyed mofo with a 360 degree view of your world like a fekking chameleon.

And get your thump out of your anus, it’s just disgusting.

good for you, usioe wanawake wote walizaliwa from 1980 sio marriage matterial, ishi kijeshi but tafuta dame mrembo akuzalie ulee mtoto


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:D:D:Dthe fuck is wrong with you…I’m in a very good mood today nigga ama umelewa…

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Elders are here fighting to get into that prison called marry-haj

@LongerTime anadhani kupata watoto ni kama kuingia super kununua stuff…

ngoja apate kiwete ama kijana hana akili kama @Tauren ,

Follow your heart bruh… marriage is NOT a right of passage

To get kids is to share your SOUL , it’s not for mean, self-centered, extremely confident people .

AND if marriage is for you , utajipata tu hapo , one way or the other .

Stay strong coco

@Tauren no matter how you sugarcoat your situation, we all know that you can’t marry because of three things: (i) You’re ugly (ii) You’re broke (iii) You’re gaaaaay!

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