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Under such circumstances best not to have a wife in the first place

True to some extent but not entirely true. Some are there just to look modern but not to market themselves. You can’t expect a human being in this century to be living without a smartphone and not registered to at least Facebook or WhatsApp

Wangu hana simu… Hiyo maneno nilikataa… As in nilikataa kimoyomoyo… Hakuja na simu na hajawahi niambia nimnunulie. Although when I gave her money first time nlimuambia hakuna cha kusave kununua simu… I was not too harsh about it bt she got the message…

So you are so poor that you can’t afford to buy your wife a Techno phone going for only 5k?

Ni nani ameongea ju ya bei ya phone. If you have seen my other posts you’ll see that I saved her from some pimps and she was only 18…

So najua there is a likelihood of problems reoccurring if she has a phone… Wew nunulia bibi Mali safi phone ya 30k uone akiongezewa mileage ya 500k per six months…

She has actually never shown interest in acquiring a phone.

It’s not bad but you have a problem if she’s an attention whore posting regularly and they’re “thirst traps” hapo hakuna heshima in that marriage and she’s out marketing herself to the highest bidder.

Humble request safisha elders macho since hayuko Kwa interweb.:D:D:D

So in other words, you are trying to tell us that if she gets a phone atalimwa? Why are you with a woman who isnt into you in the first place?

Wats wrong with you. I said I saved her from pimps. She is free to do whatever she pleases including walking away from me…

We vibe strongly and I doubt she would want to be enslaved by pimps again coz she ran away to come to me. Trust me, a gal who doesn’t feel the need to have a phone has a sense of commitment to you. To me I see it as a sacrifice on her part and I respect her for that…

Nope… This place is the pimpin capital… Can’t expose her… Labda nlipita na Mali ya elders…:slight_smile:

So you think her not having a phone is a gurantee she would not cheat…Bro we are in the 21st century… hii maneno ya kuweka dem kama slave ilikiwisha…Dem wa kucheat ata cheat tu…She is a human being na anadeserve pia freedom

Basi ulikuwa unadate a minor

Ur such a fk… I said she was 18… I don’t date minors. If you give a phone to a gal who has escaped from pimps, prepare for extortion, blackmail and other things.

They can trick her or set a trap and you’ll be at the center of this so you are also in problems… They know who I am and I know who they are but if they manage to get her I’d hate to imagine what would happen…

weka link ya previous hekaya.

Iko kwa hio thread ya Wife Kukunywa Alcohol…

Most of them are looking for the highest bidder

Uko na mashida ndugu yangu.

Huyu analimwa bila hata phone!

Why did you decide to marry a prostitute when fully aware of it?