CAK warns media houses against having parallel transmission and tallying of the August 8 general election results…simply put…we can not trust RO’s who are IEBC’s agents…

ni kuzuia “ma-Returning Offficer wa Molo” kutokea

mgaagaa na wali mkavu hakulagi upwa

Hii media inakaa kila mahali ni masweep tu wanakula

what authority does CAK have on election matters?

it is not election matters it is national security…

national security? how is parallel tallying a security risk? if NASA comes out saying their candidate has won while IEBC says otherwise? and their supporters erupt? well, my angle of thought is that parallel tallying centers usurp the work of IEBC. But totally banning independent tallying won’t work. Maybe it’s time we draft a law to provide rules and regulations for independent tallying to prevent abuse of the same channels in future elections.

the law already says only constituency, county and national returning officers can announce results. but everyone keeps their own tally anyway.

everyone keeps their tallies, and there’s little the authorities can do, maybe just crack down on those classified locations set up by the opposition, but is it worth it? Let’s do our tallies and let IEBC announce the results, whether it’s at the constituency, county or Bomas.

Problem is people believing that their own tallies are more correct that IEBC no matter who announces them.
Hapo ndo unaskia Under Sieke akisema that he has identified hot spots za ‘non IEBC believers’…

what happened in molo, hii kitu ‘RO wa molo’ nimeiona mara kadhaa

He he…returning officer wa Molo did not happen in molo but at the Kicc during the tense moments when the electoral commission was yet to announce the result of the presidential vote. WSR, now deputy PORK, sensationally produced a man on live national TV who claimed to have been the RO for Molo and who disputed the numbers the commission had reported for PNU against ODM. His claims bolstered the opposition party’s claims that the election was being rigged in favor of President Kibaki and was one of the triggers of the Post election violence in which 1333 Kenyans were killed and more than 500000 displaced from their homes; most of them with only the shirt on their back.
The ensuing crisis led to the negotiated and infamous nusu mkate government.

That particular returning officer was a hoax, like everything ODM,:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: but everyone believed him until the kriegler report came out:eek::eek::eek:
Now that’s a guy who ought to hang:D:D:D … what happened to him?:mad::mad::mad:

i don’t know what happened to him…

That one guy caused so many deaths, he should be hanged, drawn and quartered!!:mad::mad::mad:

why not the one who produced him on national TV?

I think media houses should only announce IEBC official verified tallies whatever that means because seems IEBC does not know their job.

Remember that constituency where an IEBC official announced that Unye had garnered 51k votes in a constituency where there were no more than 21k voters somewhere in RV? And he confirmed it twice even after guys looked at him like “WTF?”! That video is somewhere on youtube. So who do we believe?

Yeah,I also think that the ‘producer’ should be quartered. Wait,he is the second in command…

Both should burn in hell! :D:D