Why You Should Stick To One or Two Kungurus

Have you ever wondered why you feel shame and guilt after sleeping with lanyes?

During sex, your body releases oxytocin, which makes you subconsciously bond with your partner. Brief attachment with different kungurus leave you feeling empty.

Solution; stick to utmost four kungurus who you can rotate

Kwani unataka kumuoa? After umestick na yeye utampeleka wapi

Only shag pretty or extremely pretty lanyes hata kama wako expensive.These average Janes and anything to quench your blue balls leave you with regrets

Kwa hivyo uwesmakende ako na guilt kama tonnes kumi after kudish thousands of lanyes in his life?

Ya uwesmakende ni special. Lanyes ndio hufeel guilt and sad wakilala na yeye

I have a hypothesis…the pretty lanyes ni “mtaro”…they attract a larger number of men

You should stick to one or two kungurus but not for that reason.

Kungurus are expensive to maintain (unless you are a billionaire and most people arent) and the law of diminishing returns still applies. Also, more kungurus increases the risk of STIs. Have one or two low maintenance college girls and you are good to go. You can always dump to upgrade but don’t spin too many plates simultaneously…its unwise.

Hawa pretty are the worst…fake moans, boring sex, pussy drier than sahara desert

An ugly lanye and a pretty one both have 24 hours in a day and are both trying to maximize income. The pretty one will work less frequently for more money per client.

I would say it depends on how she prices her services. Kama bei ni same na wale wengine, then mileage imefika Timbuktu. Kama she has adjusted her prices upwards slightly, mileage ni same. If her price is extremely high for that location, then her mileage is likely to be lower than the regular lanyes there.

Hapana, raia wengi hawafiki bei

Hehehe. He really is a special breed of homo sapiens

Is this the null or alternative hypotheses? And how big is ur sample size?

I dont buy into this maintaining a bitch shit…i only make use of them when the need arises…i know a bitch who if i buy a half kilo of meat ntapikiwa kwake na ntamdishi. Some days i jus wanna be taken care of…so i visit a massauese and nakandwa na a good hanjob and my minds becomes crystal…hii ufala ya kumaintain i cant…

You actually need one person who fits in your profile


Finish that moron @uwesmake

That’s why you should never fucck a lanye more than 3 times.

As a man…have a ‘Dont care attitude’…at times which also translates to don’t get too attached.

Hiyo dont care attitude ndio ‘self destruct button’ sisi nu binadamu not wanyama…be careful nigga.

True dat