WHY YOU SHOULD STAY SINGLE IF YOU'RE A MAN BELOW 30 - and this is very important!!

it’s funny how all the 20somethings are busy trying to get relationships, when men at that age are seen as somewhat of a joke by women their age. FORGET ABOUT IT YOUNGSTERS you are wasting precious time.

first, you have to learn to be happy on your own…. being on your own is either the most miserable or the most empowering experience.

until you make it the latter you are fighting a battle to find a ‘mate’ on losing terms… and psychologically trying to replace your mother. (she will soon come to hate you for that.) YOU MUST BECOME A MAN FIRST.

second, you have to learn that women are replaceable and most are not worth much of your time.

while you are doing that you have to build a life for yourself (ie. cash, career, etc.) – so that IF you do meet a girl worth having you can invite her into your life on your own terms. She becomes a part of it… there’s none of this twentysomething bullshit of ‘building a life together’. (she will come to hate you for that).

When my first Long term relationship ( LTR ) broke, I was 25-26 and it all seemed so tragic, but of course, I bounced back and it was the best thing that happened. I cannot imagine myself with her today. My life would have gone NOWHERE.

So to any 20something in an LTR… if there are no kids… DUMP HER NOW – dump her on principal. Dump her as an exercise in self-improvement.

Even if her daddy is a mbirrionaire and she gives you anal every night… dump her anyway and prove you can replace her.

You will see as you get your shit together in life and hit your late 30s, early 40s that the games of 20 something girls are like a bad joke to you, and you can not only manipulate even the darkest sluts, BUT better still…… THEY come after you, because you carry that real male authority they cannot find in guys their own age.

It gets better and better and better…… SO PLEASE – DO NOT WASTE YOUR YOUTH on relationships.

End of rant! Mawe zikuje

To all their own.

Personal convictions aren’t the Gospel.

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This is an hypothesis and it cant happen anyway. What is important is that you should not have a woman and all that she brings, be it pleasure, children or money, give you direction in life. It should never be that you cant be useful unless a woman gives you purpose. Allowing this is building a jail for yourself. you should stand regardless of her position. I think this is somewhat what you are trying to say.

He thought it would take ages to unmask him

Try getting into a long term relationship ( especially when you’re younger and naive ) with one woman and commit to staying faithful and see what happens. Exactly what you’ve written - in a jail. The only cure is remaining a bachelor until you have seen enough and been around the block.

ha ha very true, kuna some slay queens wa huko 2012 waliniringia, i thank God it went so coz i was blind, if i married any of them i would be definitely cheating with hotter 2018 slay queens coz my blood is still hot.

There is really no formula to these things…but for me 30 worked well,I wasn’t really prepared ( psychologically) in my 20s


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