why you should not drink infront of relatives


Hii kitu hukuwa raha ajabu :D:D:D unakuwanga umengangana kutembea in a straight line but your limbs become wobbly. The ground feels like it’s moving funny.
Fucking A

:DI am waiting for stories about who embarrassed themselves at our family parties huko Jamu. Which uncle got legless in the morning and was not able to help in chinjaring, which mamas were drinking secretly, worse atee some were seen thieving food and meat to take away…ni wakina nani walikataa kuosha vyombo…hostility from relas…showdown za rich kazos versus the not rich …watu wanapenda kujipea stress sana…oh the joys…

This is pretty sad.

In your head you feel like uko tu sawa na everyone is just overreacting


hehe family get togethers can be like preparing to go out to club. You know at the end kutakuwa na drama but you still go.

Smoke weed!

Tell me about it. If I lived there I would have the worst reputation ever in my circle. Sababu I would gladly give them a miss. BTW, hata even if you don’t attend bado they will talk ill about you…oh you don’t like mingling with people…oh sijui what. Oh she only comes for 5 minutes to eat and does not help us cook/wash up…even if you did not eat a bean…now if you turn up…oh so this year haendi Malindi…haki watu…
Duramma, duramma:D:D:D

No its not. What the fuck is wrong with you?

I thought he was dancing to reggae.

Hii Ni feeling ya ndom sasa

Exactly. And you ask yourself why everyone is sober. You plan how you will drink like that daily.

:D:D:D:D:D kichwa huwa imekuambia uko sawa kabisa , saa hio unajifanya serious