Why You should never take sides when couples fight

Mama Baby: $#@!*&^ Mjinga! Malaya wewe!

Baba Baby: Tulia jameni. Sinimesema pole? Wacha tu yaishe. Utaamsha mtoto.

Mama Baby: Nipige! Niue!

Baba Baby rises and makes for the door. Quick as a flash, she steps foward and grabs him by the waist in a crunching rugby tackle.

Mama Baby: Unaenda wapi? Eeh! Unaenda wapi? Leo utaniua. Nipige vile unataka! Niue! (Makes reference to his big buttocks and tiny promulgation instrument).

Baba Baby shoves her away and resolutely makes for the door. Baby starts crying.

Mama Baby: Nenda basi. Kwenda kwa hao malaya wako wenye unapatianga mshahara yako yote halafu wanakulipa na kaswende. Useless! Malaya kama baba yako. Useless! Ukirudi usiniguse mpaka uende VCT!

Baba Baby, now thoroughly pissed off, turns and charges towards her with the agility of Sonko going to finish someone.

Mama Baby bolts, screaming at the top of her voice: Wuuu-wiiii! Majirani tokeni yawa! Ananiua! Ananimaliza! Wuuu-wiiii! Leo ninakufa!

Baba Baby stomps away, his face a mask of fury. Heads to the local and angrily starts converting cash meant for nguo ya Christmas into tomorrow’s hangover.

Two hours later, Mama Baby calls: “Unarudi saa ngapi? Chakula inapoa.” Baba Baby switches off phone.

Five hours later, he staggers home, opens the door and plants his big buttocks on the sofa and starts watching cnn. Ignores dinner. Mama Baby, clad in a sexy white kamisi and nothing more, keeps passing-passing by from toilet to kitchen, bedroom to toilet, and toilet to toilet. Opens all windows. Shuts them. He ignores her.

An hour later, Mama Baby comes out of the bedroom and walks to the kitchen. Bangs sufurias for 10 minutes. Starts going to the bedroom and them stops in the middle of the sitting room, coy: “Kwani leo haulali?”

And so they live happily ever after.


hehehehe…but in many cases the fighting gets ugly

My husband and I don’t have time for hii upusy. If both of you fura nothing is solved…ongeeni


Sasa nini hii?

You could be recounting my Friday


@uwesmake kuja ujibu mashtaka

He he he!
Hard to understand women!
Like the guy who staggered home at 5:00 am in the morning trying to “rudi mahali ulikuwa kwa hao malaya wako” being stopped at the door and being asked “unadhani unaenda wapi”?


huyu bibi anapenda kaswende sana…fcukin siet!


hekaya ikuje jamaa

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That is how many wives are. Sometimes it is better to ignore them when the quarreling starts.

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Matina ni maku?

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:D:D:D wacha nione coments

@uwesmake = Baba Clichy

Nipe io mkia

Spooky! For a moment I thought you were talking about me. Kwanza hapo cnn halafu kitchen to toilet to bedroom, waaah!




“Starts converting cash into tomorrows hangover” hahaha noma sana


[ATTACH=full]79580[/ATTACH] Unless you are my good friend Malanda zoea ku attribute.


women !